24 Small Steps to Get You Ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here and its time to take the final steps to get prepared.  There are lots of things you can do in advance, even up to a few weeks, to decrease stress and increase the time you can spend with your family.  

Here are some tasks to get you prepared for the big holiday.  Remember the more you can do in advance, the better.   Get the family involved in the preparation process and see if you can do one small task every day.  

Thanksgiving Preperation

Finalize your seating arrangement.  Doing so will avoid uncomfortable accidental searchings on the holiday.

Finalize guest attendance.  If you are having guests bring food, make requests now and record what they are bringing.

Clean the fridge and freezer.

Locate and clean pots, pans and other items not frequently used, such as a bread maker or turkey pan.

If you use different dishes for the holidays, get them washed and ready.

Wash and iron tablecloths and other linens.

Set the table as early as possible.  This cuts down on stress on the holiday itself.

Fill salt and pepper shakers.

Start making ice (or buy bagged).

Prepare any food you can and freeze.  (Cookies are a great example!)

Check on your plates, glasses and silverware.  Do you have enough of each?

Send out invitations (if you haven’t already).

Check your pantry for what you already own.

Clean out the freezer and fridge so that you have room for the turkey and other supplies and then for the leftovers.

Check to see if you have enough chairs for guests.

Make your shopping list.

Plan the menu.

Walk around the house with a trash bag and throw garbage away.  Empty small trash cans to give the room a cleaner look.

Put away piles of mail.  Keep what needs to be kept (bills, etc) and throw away/shred/recycle everything else.  The holidays are super busy and its not the time to keep extra catalogs and magazines.

Sweep the front step.  The house looks more inviting and cleaner right away.

Set the table as early as possible.  It takes time and any time you can save on Thanksgiving morning is valuable.

 Have your family help.  While they may not do it “perfectly” they can provide an extra set of hand, or two or three!

Cut one thing out of your menu.  This could be something simple like rolls or it could be the last pie that is really over kill.  Thanksgiving is about food, but its really about the people!

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