10 Steps to Prepare for Kids This Thanksgiving

If you are having kids at your home this Thanksgiving there are a few things you can do to get ready for them to make the day more enjoyable for everyone.

Preform a safety check to make sure that outlets are covered, cabinets can’t be opened and that medicines and chemicals are out of reach.

Next decide where the kids will sit.  Will they sit with their parents or will you have a kids only table?  If its the latter, make sure you have a small table and chairs ready for the kids.

Search the web for arts and crafts that kids can do while waiting for the meal.  Providing a few simple materials can occupy kids while adults chat.  Pinterest is full of crafts for the holiday.

While you don’t need to provide an entire special meal, it’s a great idea to have some kid friendly appetizers.  (Something like mini pizzas or mozzarella sticks are a winner.)

Thanksgiving With Kids

Have kids help you with simple decorations such as pine cones, pumpkins etc.

Use a paper table cloth for the kids’ table.  Put out crayons so they can draw while they eat!

For dessert consider allowing kids to decorate their own.  Provide cookies or cupcakes and let them decorate!  It’s an activity for them and dessert at the same time!

Make sure parents know exactly what they need to bring to amuse their kids.

If your home is not child proofed, tell parents ahead of time and make accommodations in at least one small area where celebrations will be taking place.

If it’s warm enough out, let the kids go play outside.  Have some gear ready (like a football).  If it’s cold or the weather is bad, have a movie (and popcorn) on hand and ready to go.  A kid friendly movie for course 🙂

A little planning and preparation will make the event a little more fun for everyone attending the holiday!

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