Elf on The Shelf Gets Ready

So, this is the first year that my son has really participated in Christmas. He turned three in September so I’m getting ready for the BIG SHOW this year. And that includes Elf on the Shelf.

While I’ll admit….I’m not going to go nuts with the whole “report back to Santa thing”…..I did want to get into staging our elf and having him do something a little different every day.

I’ve planned out what I’m going to do, and created some small signs to print and laminate. I’ve also created a goodbye letter. Some of these can be reused year after year.

One of the things I’m focusing on with our elf is activities. Instead of the elf bringing candy or gifts, he’s going to bring holiday themed activities that we can do. I’ll link to the activities I bought if they are still available. Note, these are the ideas, in NO particular order…use them how you wish! (In intend to pull out the crafts on rainy/cold days, etc)

  1. Staged with Olaf and I like warm hugs sign.
  2. Hide 12 candy canes around the room. Sign that says-Find all 12 candy canes.
  3. Hanging from a light in my kitchen.
  4. Working on a toy car.
  5. Toilet paper roll down the stairs. (Elf in the middle)
  6. Walking a toy doggie. (Use pipe cleaner to create leash.)
  7. Place cups all around the room, upside down. And place a treat under one. Sign that says-find the hidden treat.
  8. Skittles in a circle around a paper plate.-Want to see a rainbow?  Add hot water-Sign
  9. Elf placed reading to other toys.
  10. Elf brings a new coloring book or coloring printable. Use “color with me” sign.
  11. Elf brings Christmas Magic Paint book-Use “Paint with me” sign.
  12. Elf brings mini nerf gun.
  13. Elf brings sun catcher craft-Use “Craft with me” sign.
  14. Elf brings Christmas sticker book-Use “Play with me” sign.
  15. Elf brings dry erase book-Use “Play with me” sign.
  16. Elf draws a mustache on a framed photo of my son with a dry erase marker.
  17. Hi (insert your child’s name) written in M+M’s.
  18. Elf brings dog washing kit-Use “Play with me” sign.
  19. Use any paper or easel in your home to write; Why do elves go to school? To learn the Elf-abet! (I have a new set of dry erase crayons I’m delivering with this.)
  20. Crumple up some construction paper to create snowballs and place in basket. Use snowball fight sign.
  21. Post elf drinking coffee.
  22. Use “find me” sign and have elf in the fridge with google eyes on food.
  23. Elf brings Melissa and Doug holiday sticker book.
  24. Buy or go to the library to get any holiday themed book-Use “read with me” sign. I’m using It’s Christmastime.
  25. Goodbye letter

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