Kid’s Room & Homework Space Organizing

Kid's Room Before

Does Your Kid’s Room Look Like This?

Does your kid’s room look like this?  There is a desk buried in there, but could a child actually use it to do schoolwork?  If your kids’ spaces are just a mess all of the time, now is the time to take control!  We will work together to develop organizational systems that work for both you and your children.

By developing and implementing a designated homework space for your child, they will develop the organizational and study skills that are critical to their success as adults.  Teaching your child organizing skills early in life will help them excel through the rigors of high school and college academic work, become successful employees, and have their own homes

Keep in mind that organization is not taught in any classes at school.  You must teach your child the skills that will be the foundation of a successful life.

Kid's Room After

Why not have it look like this?

When your kids are organized…

  • Your family will have a system of chores and responsibilities that works for, and benefits, all members of your household
  • When everyone helps out, you will no longer have the burden of trying to do everything for everyone
  • Getting dressed for school, and getting your kids out the door, will not start your day off on the wrong foot
  • You won’t spend time looking for things you need to start your day.  Your keys will be in their designated spot, and your kid’s homework and required items will be ready to walk out the door
  • You will have more fun and family time!

    Yes, I am ready to make the change!

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