October Organizing Gear Roundup

Please note I received samples of some of these items in other to be able to write these reviews.  My opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.  

October Org Gear Roundup

No one likes the look of a pill box.  Often we have to take our medications in places that aren’t as private as we’d like.  I found these awesome pill boxes called Inspired by Dawn.  They are a traditional pill case enclosed in a fabric covered box that closes magnetically.  It’s beautiful and looks like a pen case or pencil box, not a pill box.  This could easily sit on your desk without worry.  It comes in two colors and you can even buy a second insert for it.  This is a stylish way to carry your medications with you!  These make a great gift for anyone who takes daily medications (or vitamins!).

Inspired by Dawn

I love cleaning products that are healthy for your family and the environment….ones that work are even better!

Formulated to remove lime, rust and calcium stains, Lanosoft Tub & Tile Cleaner is a fast-acting solution that is safe for use on any tile surface in your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else throughout your home. Using natural ingredients that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly, this cleaner will break down even the most stubborn stains, helping your tile surfaces look newer for longer. Ideal for soft water environments. Protect the tile surfaces throughout your home, while protecting the environment, by ordering Lanosoft Tub & Tile Cleaner from us today. It’s made in the USA too!

Tile cleaner

LanoSoft’s Dish Soap is also pretty amazing.  Lanosoft SpringFresh liquid dish soap is formulated to lift away even the most caked on grease and food stains with as little as one teaspoon. SpringFresh is loaded with Vitamin E and aloe vera, helping keep your hands soft and smooth while it powerfully rinses away the gunkiest grime without leaving streaks or spots. Non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for septic systems.

Dish Soap

I always say a big part of meal planning is having the right tools on hand.  You need things that will do the job you need, do them right and don’t take up too much space.  You can also go over board and have TOO many tools which then become clutter.  I was recently able to try out the Swiss Chop Chop by Kuhn Rikon.  It’s sharp blades make short work of any vegetable you want to dice.  I love using this for onions or tomatoes to make salsa or chili.  When you’re done chopping, remove the blades and slip on the cover that seals in freshness. It’s a pretty awesome system and it’s dishwasher safe.

Swiss Chop Chop Swiss Chop Chop ChopChop


If you’re looking to start eating a bit healthier, take it to the next level with Navitas Naturals.  I’ve been a healthy eater for a few years now.  I struggled with weight and won.  However, I’ve recently adopted some more stringent eating policies. I’m paying attention to where my food is grown, the carbon footprint of it, the protein within and its true nutritional value.  While this all sounds like a lot, its not hard when you keep healthy food items on hand.  I came across Navitas Naturals and I was able to try some of their amazing products.  Having things that are easy and quick to grab is the deal breaker or maker when it comes to sticking with a healthy eating plan.  Healthy eating means being organized and planning your purchases accordingly.

I tried two power snacks (Cacao Goji and Blueberry Hemp), cacao powder, trail mix and cacao sweet nibs.  They were all amazing in taste.  Better yet, I felt GOOD after I ate them. I had energy and had no sugar crash or digestive issues.

Their snacks are organic and made up of whole foods.  Many are vegan, raw and gluten free.  If you’re looking for REAL and SUSTAINABLE energy, these are your best bet.  I love the fact that I can eat these before I take the dog for a walk and feel great.  These are amazing for hiking.  They are “durable” and don’t crumble in your bag.  These are also awesome for road trips!

Navitas Naturals sells something for everyone.  They have LOTS of snacks, nuts, and powders.  Their website provides recipes to help you bust eating boredom and have a little fun with your diet.    These are truly super foods and you’ll be healthier and happier after you’ve given them a try!

Follow them on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter.  They also have Instagram and YouTube Videos!

Look at their whole selection and recipes here: http://navitasnaturals.com

Never lose thing in your purse again.  Keep them together and organized with a travel pouch like this one from Miamica Designs.  I use this to keep my fire aid items together (band aids, pain reliever, floss, etc).  It’s adorable, functional and easy to see inside my bag.

Latte Lover

Miamica also makes pill cases.  They are whimsical and brightly colored.  There is no hiding that there are pills inside, but you’ll never lose these inside of a carry on again!  I love the ironic sayings that keep you smiling and upbeat.  Check out this one that I was able to try out!

Pill Case

These would both make awesome stocking stuffers!


Nail polish storage has always been an issue for females.  Great Useful Stuff’s Large Beauty Book is the perfect organizing tool.  It’s a notebook style organizer that holds all of your polishes, remover, tools and even some cotton swabs.  It closes with a zipper so your items are secure and won’t fall out when you carry this around.  Of course it could hold jewelry, office supplies or makeup as well, but I love it as a nail kit.  It’s made of red leatherette so it’s fashionable and durable too 🙂

Beauty Book

As the holiday season approaches and travel picks up, it’s a great time to invest in Packing Cubes.  These cubes are lightweight and the colors are pleasing.  The set comes with four cubes and they are even labeled so you know what is what in your suitcase.  When you arrive at your destination, the pouches all Velcro together so you can hang them and use them as a mini closet.  There is even a pouch to bring home dirty clothes.  These make traveling more organized, easier and certainly prettier.  They even have a matching set of shoe bags.  Never get dirt in your suitcase again!  (These are especially awesome for stinky running shoes!)  With these bags you’re much less likely to forget something in your hotel room when packing to come home.

Packing Cubes


The next item is something that’s so simple, but it makes a huge difference in your day.  Dexas makes an entire line of  storage clip boards.  They have lots of options include clipboards with compartments, slim line clipboards, ones that include calculators and even slots for pens and more.  This is a great option to work on the go.  Simply tuck in some office supplies, some paper, envelopes, stamps and checks and you have a mobile office.  It’s a great way to keep up with paperwork on the go.  The clipboards are cute and come in a variety of colors. They are durable and can stand up to the wear and tear you’ll put them through.  These are also great for kids who start their homework in the car on the way home or in between events.  And they are super affordable!

Dexas Clipboard


I’ve been looking for an all in one laptop solution and work bag.  I finally found it at Pac Safe.  Their Metrosafe 300 Laptop Bag.  The bag holds a 13 inch Mac Book comfortably (even with the case I have on around it).  The bag has all kinds of safety features that make it a perfect every day and travel companion.  The straps are slash proof, the zippers hook onto discreet security hooks (so they can’t be opened) and the whole bag is snag proof.  With identity theft prevalent, the bag offers peace of mind with its RIFD blocker. It does this by blocking out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz – 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards / smart cards, and key cards.  This is an amazing bag for the busy mom too.  It attaches to the top of a rolling suitcase.  The black color makes it durable and stain resistant.  I have had this bag all over the floor of Starbucks and it doesn’t show any dirt!  This would also make a great gift. (The holidays will be here before you know it!)

Pac Safe


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