Don’t Worry, Get Organized

If you’ve failed in your organizing attempts in the past, now you know what doesn’t work for you.  Just pick up and move on in a different way.

Don't Worry

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A Place For Everything

A place for everything

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ModCloth Casting Call

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Fashion mavens, rejoice! ModCloth is inviting you to come showcase your unique style at their #FASHIONTRUTH Casting Call for ALLevent in New York City on September 3rd. All you have to do is show up in your cutest outfit and you could be featured on ModCloth and across their social platforms. Anyone and everyone is invited, so if you’re in the area, grab your friends and go — this is an event you won’t want to miss! Head to the ModCloth blog for more details and RSVP info.

Mod Cloth

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Tiny Prints Labor Day Sale

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Yoga Lean ~ A Book Review

It’s not often that you find a book that helps you multi task.  Yoga Lean is just that-it’s an inspiration, fitness, recipe and yoga book all in one!  This book covers the yoga poses you need to find calm and gain strength.  It also includes advice on eating healthy. It’s NOT a diet book, it’s about eating for life and vitality.  It also covers workout moves you can do in the gym to supplement the yoga.  It’s all about finding a healthy balance of all things in your life.  Loving your life and your body and being healthy for the long term.  I love this as a guide for someone who wants some new ideas and inspiration or someone who wants to get started for the first time.
Here’s the official description:
A full lifestyle approach to bettering the body, the Lean Consciousness taught in YOGALEAN helps readers achieve their goals by combining the latest nutrition and exercise science with tried and true yogic principles. Inside, Beth breaks down her easy-to-follow holistic program with…
  • Yoga poses that promote a lean physique, strengthen your core, and increase energy
  • The basics of yogic philosophy and the revolutionary space clearing and gratitude exercises that will help boost your weight loss
  • Cardio and weight-training workouts to complement your yoga, refine your physical strength, and ward off disease
  • Easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that will help you burn fat more efficiently
  • Stress-reducing and clarity-enhancing daily meditations
  • A one-week jumpstart plan outlining precisely what to eat and how to exercise your body and mind
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Lego Organization~Back By Popular Demand

Legos are one of the best toys out there.  They allow kids to be creative, play independently, and they are a toy that can span many age groups.  However, they are also one of the biggest organizational challenges that parents face.  Here are a few organizing tools and methods for those Legos!

Lego Organization

First of all Lego has tried to tap into the organizing of their own toys.  They have specialty organizing bags available.  They are cute, and useful, but can be cost prohibitive.


I like to establish a system and then stick with it.  You can sort by size, color, or even project.  Once you’ve decided how you want to sort, the next step is getting a container that will help you keep pieces in order.  I like organizers that allow you to take a set out, play with it (possibly even in a different location from the storage unit) and then put it away.


Ikea sells great organizers that can be easily labeled.  The drawers pull out easily so your child can play and then put away.  Above is an organization system established by color.


Sets of plastic drawers can be purchased at almost any super store and are a great way to allow kids to have a visual of what’s in each drawer.

If you have a smaller amount of Legos, or use them on the go, small pencil boxes are a great solution.  You can buy them on sale after the back to school season or at the dollar store.

If you’re tired of Legos all over the floor, try a “pack and play” system like this.  The mats spreads out for your child to play on and then you can scoop it up and store it away with ease.

There are also custom sorters available that allow you to dump the blocks in and the organizer does the sorting for you. This is great for kids who help in the put away process.  It also allows you to move your Lego collection all over the house.

Finally, here’s a peek at how they organize at Legoland :)

Your Turn:  Start by pairing down your Lego collection to what your child actually plays with.  Then, pick and organizing system.  Buy supplies the next time you are out running errands or order them online. Make a date on your calendar to complete the project.   

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Time is Money ~ 10 Time Management Tips For Businesses

Small business owners are often responsible for lots of things; administrative work, marketing efforts and management of the company.  It’s a lot to handle and a lot of things to get done each day.  Often business owners end up focusing on all of the small details and the big projects and development work goes undone.  By really determining where and how you spend your time you can make sure you making the best of it.  By maximizing your time you are making your life less stressful and allowing your business to grow.

Time Management

  1. Keep lists, and have more than one.  A productivity app works great for this.  Keep a list for what you have to do today, this week, this month and even this year.  If something never moves up on the list, chances are good it’s not that important. Write down the date you add something to the list.  This will give you an idea of how long it’s really been around.
  2. Keep a section of your planner or to do list dedicated to your goals.  There is a saying: What gets written down gets attended to, and what gets attended to gets done.  If something is really important, put it on a sign, a post-it note, and put it where you will see it every day.
  3. Determine how you prioritize.  Some people like to do what is most difficult first in their day. Others want to do what could make them the most money first in the day.  Pick a way to prioritize and stick with it.
  4. Schedule time for email as the Internet can be a huge time waster.  We often have no idea how long we spend online, and we can easily get distracted.  A good way to manage your time online is to set a timer for 30 minutes.  When it rings, you know exactly how much time you’ve spent on email and browsing, and you will not “lose” time as easily.
  5. Schedule time for making proactive phone calls, and returning calls you’ve received. Playing phone tag can use up a lot of time and can decrease your productivity. Bundle your phone calls all at once so that you are not being disrupted from your work more than one time.
  6. Give yourself transition time between activities.  Scheduling activities one after another does not allow you ample time to finish what you are doing, and transition into your next task.  Give yourself a few minutes buffer time in between meetings and calls to clear your desk, get some water, and feel calm and collected.  Don’t forget to compensate for time traveling between meeting location, even if it is just within your office.

Running a small business is always challenging.  There are never enough resources: time, space, and money in particular. By freeing up time, we can focus on things that are important to the success of the business, such as social media marketing.  While social media marketing does not cost anything to use, the time invested must come from somewhere.  By learning how to “create” time in our already busy days, you can add in social media marketing to your day and grow the success of your company.

Your Turn: Pick one thing that you can give up, pick one task that you can outsource and pick one goal you want to start working towards right away. 

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Sunny Dog Ink’s Doggie First Aid Kit

I was originally going to include Sunny Dog Ink’s first aid kit in an organizing gear roundup.  However, when it arrived, I was blown away.  It is by far the most comprehensive kit I’ve found. They have though of EVERYTHING.  From a travel muzzle to a mini bottle of hydrogen peroxide, you are prepared for anything that happens.  I personally had a pet emergency lately.  It was something we could never have foreseen coming and something we were unprepared for.  This kit ensures you are ready, no matter what life throws at you and your dog.  Take the time to familiarize yourself with what’s inside, and read the instructions.  I was surprised that the kit wasn’t larger and it’s small enough and lightweight enough to throw into a travel bag.   If you have a dog, you need one of these kits!

Sunny Dog First Aid Kit

Here is the description from their website, along with the list of contents:

Upset tummies, ingested toxins or choking on a favorite toy…dog moms and dads must be prepared for everything that could potentially harm your four-legged best friend! Everything you need to prevent further injury and alleviate discomfort from a sudden injury or illness before you get doggie to the Veterinarian comes in this 6” X 6” Red Bag with three zippered pockets that is easily carried or waits till needed in your home or car. New items now included are an ID Tag with QR Code by BarkCode that does not need a smartphone (register at no additional charge), Dehydrated Pumpkin & Apple Fiber to aid various intestinal issues and…Canine Calm by Earth Heart, a natural remedy mist to help relax dogs during unsettling situations (thunderstorms, fireworks, training, bath tie, crating, even veterinary visits).

Delivered to your door for only $119.99 plus tax, shipping and handling.

 “No Place Like Home” Deluxe Dog First-Aid Kit Includes:

Dog First Aid & CPR Pocket Guide by Denise Fleck/Quickfind Books Quick Tips Laminated Pull-Out card
BarkCode Quick Response Pet ID Tag  Canine Calm by Earth Heart (2 fl oz)
Hibiclens/Chlorhexidine Antibacterial Skin Cleanser  Go Dog Total Sports Drink/Electrolytes
Emergency Blanket/Tarp  CPR Germ Barrier Shield
One-size-fits-all Temporary Muzzle with photo instructions  Re-sealable Bag for treats/bio sample
Flat Leash with “D” Ring including photo instructions    for Figure 8 Harness  Cold Pack/compress
3% Hydrogen Peroxide (8 fl oz)  Eye & Wound Wash (4 fl oz)
Latex-free Medical Gloves
Styptic Powder with Cotton Swabs & Instructions  Digital Thermometer/Lubricating Gel
Tweezers  Ticked-off Tick Remover
12cc Curved Tip Syringe  Blunt-nosed Scissors
1″ White Adhesive Tape
Bandaging Materials: 4″ X 4″ Gauze Squares (10)
3″ White Conforming Gauze Roll (2)
4″ Flexible Self-Adhering Bandage
2″ X 3″ Non-Stick Pad for Burns
3″ X 4″ Non-Stick Pad for Burns
Triangular Bandage for Sling/Splinting
Topical Medications: Triple Antibiotic Ointment (2)
1% Hydrocortisone Cream (2)
Povidone/Iodine Swabs (2)
Antiseptic Towelettes (2)
Oral Medications: Tri-buffered Aspirin Tablets (4)
Diphenhydramine/Antihistamine Tablets (4)
Diotame/Antacid Tablets (4)
 Dehydrated Pumpkin/Apple Fiber for intestinal issues
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Road Tripping With Your Dog

Planning for vacation time with Fido demands an organized approach. Realizing you don’t have any flea or tick protection when you are halfway up the mountain to your campsite turns into an annoying detour to scrounge up supplies. Making a list and checking it twice is the sure road to a happy, healthy, and relaxing trip with your best friend riding along.

Think about a typical day with your dog. Mentally go through all the things you do with him, and provide for him, and then write it all down. Food and water are foremost. Bring bowls that stack together and won’t break. Ample supplies of dog food to include two extra meals is a smart way to be ready for anything. Now consider what types of medicine he’ll need. Flea and tick prevention of course, plus pain relief in case soreness sets in after scampering up the trail (get this from your veterinarian; do not give the dog over the counter meds or pain relief).

Be practical in your packing. A simple mat to sleep on will suffice; no need to haul his overstuffed donut bed to an outdoor adventure. Bring a brush and shampoo in case he makes friends with wildlife, or more probably, rolls in their poop. All natural baby wipes work for a quick clean-up so you can share a tent or bunk in an RV without gagging. Leashes and collars are a must. Bring a harness for hiking trails and a training collar for trips to town. Long leashes are great for offering more freedom but you’ll need a short one for car rides and walks in public. Use the mat to roll up some of your dog’s gear and you’ll know just where to find it when you arrive at your destination. Pack clear plastic bags for storage and colored ones for poop patrol. If you have room, pack a collapsible crate. Your dog stays under control while you drive and it doubles as his personal den in your room in case you trade mosquito bites for room service at the five star resort just down the mountain.Running

I like to pack my dog’s gear in a pocketed duffle or backpack. Throw your list of his stuff in there, too, so packing for the trip home is just as organized. Nothing is less fun that unpacking at home when your stuff and dog stuff is in a damp jumble at the bottom of a sack. Most important thing to pack? A camera. You’ll want to record the huge grin on your dog’s face when you say, “want to go for a ride?”

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The Shelving Sale is Here!

25% off Sale Starts Today!  Been waiting to put a closet together or fix up the playroom?  Now’s the time!

25% off installation too.

The Container Store

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… I will continue to use Bonnie Dewkett and The Joyful Organizer on projects in our home as our family expands and our needs continue to change…


Quick Tips

There is a saying, “What gets written down gets attended to, and what gets attended to gets done.” 

Write down your organizing goals and hold yourself accountable for completing them. 

I know it seems like a big chore, but you’ll be glad you did it once you’re done!

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