Tomorrow Starts Today

We all have long term goals.  They could be part of a “five year plan” or just projects we really want to get done.  I have things I want to do personally and professionally and with everything else that goes on in a day, sometimes, days, or even weeks can go by without even thinking about my special projects.   So how do you get those things done?  Here are some techniques that with help you be successful.

Tomorrow Starts Today

The first thing you can do is to really dissect what a project will take.  If you want to publish a book, you need to understand how the process works.  What does it cost?  How do you find an agent?  Instead of browsing Facebook while you watch TV at night, sit down and browse the internet for information that relates to your goals.  Buy some books on the topic you’re looking to find out more about, contact experts or locate chat boards.  You don’t know what you don’t know, so educate yourself!  This may change your mind on even starting the project.

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It’s time to gather materials and create to do lists.  Sometimes we just have a few minutes to spare here and there.  If you don’t have the materials you need on hand, the information at the ready and a plan of action prepared, you won’t even be able to get started in the small amount of time you have.

While a large project takes a LONG time to tackle….there are lots of smaller goals and milestones that need to be reached along the way.  Set those for yourself and write them down.  Seeing a page requirement for writing in my calendar really motivates me much more than “finishing a book”.  The more concrete and specific your goals are, the better.  Those large goals often seem to large to even TRY to accomplish and consequently, we don’t even start.

Your Turn:  Tell me what your large goal is and when and how you’re going to start tackling it.

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6 Steps To Creating A Vision Board

You’ve probably heard about vision boards.  They have been made popular by celebrities like Oprah.  A vision board is a collection of pictures describing your long term goals and life’s aspirations.  You can use vision boards to meet a specific career goal, financial goal or to live the life you have imagined in your head.  Want to know how to put one together?

Creating A Vision Board


Here’s how:

1.  Collect a pile of magazines on various topics you’d like your vision board to encompass.  Head to a large book store for a wide variety.  Or, ask your friends and family to pass off their magazines to you.  If you want assemble your board digitally, you simply need to search for images online.  (Make sure you have the rights to use them!)

Now (1)

2.  Assemble materials such as poster board and glue.

3.  Cut out pictures that are part of the life you want to lead.  Make sure to include all areas of your life; home, family, friends, food, pets and career.

4.  Make sure the board is big enough to fit all of the items you want, but small enough so it’s easily displayed in an area you can see every day.  I suggest near your desk or in the closet so you see it at the start and end of every day.

5.  Vision boards work because they use one of your mind’s most powerful tools, visualization.  It’s a technique that even Olympic athletes use.  Putting your long term goals in front of you, every single day can have a powerful impact on the activities you take day in and day out.

For the tech savvy vision board maker, there are apps available.  (I haven’t tried these)

Jack Canfield’s vision board app can be found here.

Happy Tapper allows you to keep your goals and dreams in your pocket.

I assembled my vision board with digital photos and I used Canva.  They offer templates you can customize any way you want…

6.  A vision board will change over time.  Keep in mind you’ll want to update it at least once a year.  When assembling your board, make sure you have room to spread out and the environment is comfortable.  A kitchen table is a great location.  Have a cup of coffee and listen to some music while you work :)

What would you put on your vision board?  Share it with us in the comments below!


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7 Ways To Make Your Day Better NOW

As I sit here and write this I’m having one of those days.  You know which days…where everything seems harder than it is and you’d rather crawl back under the covers than face one more minute at your desk.  So how do you over come days like this?  Here are the steps I take….they aren’t scientific by any means, but they work for me :)

7 Ways To Make Your Day Better NOW

1.  Coffee.  It’s not just the caffeine that gives you a little pick me up.  It’s the act of giving yourself a small treat and taking a small mental break.  Sometimes being kind to yourself is all you need to change the whole day.

Now (1)

2.  Science has proven that the smell of lemon can be calming.  Light a candle in your work space for a little pick me up.  Lavender, juniper and basil are also calming scents.

3.  Find some internet hilarity.  It may seem silly but taking a few moments to look at an adorable cat video online can change your brain chemistry.

4.  Meditate.  While this may not be perfectly easy in an office space, even some deep breathing exercises can help calm the sympathetic nervous system and change the way you’re thinking.  If you can’t take some time and breathe or meditate, grab a notebook and write down a few things you are grateful for.

5.  If you have a vision board, this is a great time to look at it.  What can you do today to help you meet those long term goals?

6.  When I get frustrated with what I can’t control, I know that I can control my space.  Take a few minutes to clean your desk or make your bed.  You’ll find that reducing the clutter in your space will reduce the clutter in your mind.

7.  It’s not just an old wive’s tale that getting the blood flowing can make a difference in your day.  Get up and take a walk.  The your dogs out if you can, they will be thrilled!  If you can’t take an “official” walk, simply move briskly down to the bathroom or water cooler.

What do you do to turn a bad day around?  Tell me in the comments below!


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Multi Tasking Craft Organizers

Good organizing tools can be hard to find.  They can also be expensive.  I like to tell my readers and clients to think about the tote…and see what other items that can find that can organize what they need.  Here are two new craft organizers.

Available at

Available at

The first organize is technically made for knitting, as you can see in the photo above.  However, I think it’s good for so much more!  I love this tote for a day out. Tuck in sneakers, bud spray, sun block, a dog leash and water bottle and you’re good to go!



Now (1)

It’s also awesome as a homework caddy!  Fill it with the supplies your youngster needs to complete their assignments and they’ll never have to race around the house for supplies again.  It would also be great to help complete assignments in the back of the car in between soccer practice and all the other things you’re trying to get done.


In the above picture you can see the top open._MRD5050

Here’s the unit all closed up.

The next organizer is like a tool box, but better!  The front drops open and there are three drawers that come out individually.  Each drawer is divided to allow you to organize smaller items.  The dividers are removable and customizable too!  This is great for art supplies that may leak, like paint, or items that are otherwise hard to contain, like beads.



If you are camping, these would make a great mobile kitchen.  Fill them with condiments and spices, utensils and recipe cards and you have a kitchen on the go!

You can also see the craft organizer here, set up to work as a homework caddy.  The same principle as above, but with a more structured container.

Homework Caddy 2

Use each drawer for a separate child or fill them up with art supplies.  The dividers are movable so you can go crazy with customization.Homework Caddy 1

Both organizers are available at Hobby Lobby.

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Road Tripping With Your Dog

Planning for vacation time with Fido demands an organized approach. Realizing you don’t have any flea or tick protection when you are halfway up the mountain to your campsite turns into an annoying detour to scrounge up supplies. Making a list and checking it twice is the sure road to a happy, healthy, and relaxing trip with your best friend riding along.

Road Tripping With Your Pup

Think about a typical day with your dog. Mentally go through all the things you do with them, and provide for them, and then write it all down. Food and water are foremost. Bring bowls that stack together and won’t break. Ample supplies of dog food to include two extra meals is a smart way to be ready for anything. Now consider what types of medicine they will need. Flea and tick prevention of course, plus pain relief in case soreness sets in after scampering up the trail (get this from your veterinarian; do not give the dog over the counter meds for pain relief).

Now (1)

Be practical in your packing. A simple mat to sleep on will suffice; no need to haul his overstuffed donut bed to an outdoor adventure. Bring a brush and shampoo in case he makes friends with wildlife, or more probably, rolls in their poop. All natural baby wipes work for a quick clean-up so you can share a tent or bunk in an RV without gagging. Leashes and collars are a must. Bring a harness for hiking trails and a training collar for trips to town. Long leashes are great for offering more freedom but you’ll need a short one for car rides and walks in public. Use the mat to roll up some of your dog’s gear and you’ll know where to find it when you arrive at your destination. Pack clear plastic bags for storage and colored ones for poop patrol. If you have room, pack a collapsible crate. Your dog stays under control while you drive and it doubles as his personal den in your room in case you trade mosquito bites for room service at the five star resort just down the mountain.Running

I like to pack my dog’s gear in a pocketed duffle or backpack. Throw your list of his stuff in there, too, so packing for the trip home is just as organized. Nothing is less fun that unpacking at home when your stuff and dog stuff is in a damp jumble at the bottom of a sack. Most important thing to pack? A camera. You’ll want to record the huge grin on your dog’s face when you say, “want to go for a ride?”

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The Future Depends on Today

Now (1)The Future Depends on Today

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Clutter Facts

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Organizing Saves You Money

Organizing is more than just a neat and tidy home.  It’s a way of life that allows you to find things when you need them, use your time effectively and possibly most importantly, save money.  Here are some ways that getting organized can help you save cash.  Start keeping track of what you save and treat yourself to a day at the spa, or even a mini vacation!

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Know What You Own-By creating a home for everything in your home you will know where things are.  When you need them, you’ll simply grab them and use them.  For example, how many of us know where our flashlights sewing kits or even replacement lightbulbs are?  Many families don’t know where things are and instead of speaking the time and aggravation to locate them, they simply repurchase, spending money they could have saved on the new item, and also on gas to get to the store (plus time).

Found Money-Whenever I organize it’s not uncommon to come across an unwashed check or actually cash. They are small and easy to put in a pock, drawer or pile of paper and never see again, unless you take the time to go through them.  Gift cards are another item that is easily lost.  Start looking around your home and organizing and I bet you’ll find at least one monetary item.

Tax Deductions-When you donate items to places like Goodwill or The Salvation Army they provide you with a tax receipt for your contribution.  This receipt can be used as a tax deduction during that calendar year.  This is a great way to save some money by donating your unused, unwanted and extra items!

Use What You Have-How many times have you gone to store and tried to remember if you had an extra bottle of ketchup?  By creating an using a pantry/fridge and freezer system you will know what you have on hand and what you need to buy.  You will also be able to take advantage of sales and buying in bulk.  Organizing your food also means it’s easier to cook meals at home, which also saves you money.


Avoid Late Fees-If your mail or your finances are disorganized, you could be paying late fees or hurting your credit score.  This is an easy way to save cash.  Simply set up reminders for yourself to pay the bills and or go digital entirely with your bill paying.  Many companies will den set up an automatic deduction from your account and you simply have to check the bill for accuracy.

FIND Time-I think the most important asset you can gain by getting organized is your time.  By knowing what you have, where it is stored and when you can use it, you will save time.  Getting organized increased your enjoyment of your home.  It decreases stress with your entire family and it can make a big difference for your family’s budget.  Adopt one small change every week and before you know it, you’ll have made great progress!

Getting Organized Magazine - Wide Banner Ad

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Letters Are Cool Again

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With texting, emails and Skype, letter writing (and stationary) have become things of the past.  Most of what you receive in the mail is bills, spam or possibly something you ordered.  I’ve always been a lover of stationary and all things office supply.  As a matter of fact, the tooth fairy brought me my first set of personalized stationary.  On that note, I wanted to bring you some items that will make you WANT to write letters again, use stickers and send some love to someone the old fashioned way, with a stamp!

Letters Are Cool AGain

Okay, I’ve seen a lot of products over the years and I’ve recently done posts on some amazing subscription boxes.  However, Pipsticks is one of my favorites.  Every month they deliver an envelope of unique stickers to your door!  This is an amazing clutter free gift for a child who loves to collect stickers or an adult who loves to use them.  I was amazed at the variety in the package.  There were even some speciality stickers….3D ones.  I loved using many of these on my agenda and calendar.  Super cute, affordable and so unique!


Need some inspiration to send some amazing cards to your friends and family?  Nicely Noted delivers three stunning cards to your mailbox every month.  The cards are something special, not what you’d find at your local card shop.  The subscription even comes with stamps so you’re ready to sit down and write!  If getting beautiful cards in the mail isn’t enough to inspire you to write to your friends and family, I don’t know what is!  (Unless of course you want to keep the cards for yourself!)

Nicely Notes

Even grown ups need a place to keep their pencils.  The Color Love Pencil Pouch by Cool Pencil Case is just what you need to keep things together and tidy.  With all the traveling we do most of us work on the go now.  I find there is nothing more irritating than needing something, like a stamp, and not having it with me.  The Color Love Pencil Pouch has a big compartment for larger items, like markers, highlighters and an eraser.  It also has elastics to hold your favorite pens and pencils in place.  There are also two small pouches for your small items.  I tucked in some stamps, paper clips and even some mini clothes pins that I use in my planner.  The bright colors are great for kids, but sophisticated enough for adults.

_RD_4289 Cool Pencil Case 2

Need an adorable desk accessory that looks good and keeps you organized?  Check out Pickett’s Press and Pickett's Presstheir adorable monogrammed Memo Notes.  They come in an on trend clear acrylic holder and there’s 150 sheets, each marked with your initial.  Sitting on my desk this makes me happy to look at and when I have to write a quick note, it looks adorable and professional at the same time.  Use your first OR last initial.  This makes a great grad gift too!


Food For Thoughts CardsIf you want to do good at the same time you’re sending cards, check out Food For Thoughts Cards.  For every card purchased, a sandwich is donated to those in need.  There are cards for every occasion and they are ADORABLE.  I love sending a little happiness, good will and celebration in the mail. This is the best of everything in one amazing card.

Want to send something a little less sweet? Maybe even sarcastic?  Cult Paper has a number of options that will be find Cult Paperfun and will delight the recipient.  I love the bold statements and fun sayings.  These cards are what you can send your teenage niece and still remain cool :)

High Five NotecardsThese next note cards are the most unique ones you’re going to see this year.  The High Five cards have a fun, retro appearance on the outside.  Open the card up and two animals are “high fiving” each other.  The popup books you loved as a kid come to grown up note cards.  These will delight you and anyone you send them to.  Get yourself two boxes, because you’re going to want to keep a set for yourself!

Need a cool notebook? Chronicle books has a set of vintage McCall’s patterns notebooks. Featuring 1960’s McCall's Pattern Notebooksand 70’s pattern designs, these are cute and functional.  They even come wrapped in twine :)  I can’t get enough of these unique notebooks.  They are slim so they fit in your purse easily too :)  Love these?  They sell notecards too!

Three Designing Women make some amazing office supply products.  My favorite is their embosser.  Designed for ease of use and customized with your name, address or initials, it allows you to personalize anything you can dream up.  I love using it on envelopes, books (instead of book plates) and office supplies, like notebooks.  It’s easy to use and makes an amazing gift. You can even use this for wedding invitations!


So I found this site called UniikStuff and they have some amazing items that you’re going to want on your desk immediately. Pens Their fabric tape is just darling.  Use it to color code your planner, label items in the pantry or wrap gifts.  It’s thin enough to easily work with but think enough to do its job. The set of soft floral sticky notes is just what I needed to mark off days on my calendar, items on my to do list or to leave little notes  to myself.  They come on a cardboard sheet so they are easy to transport too!  I love an adorable pen.  Using one just brightens up any day.  Oh and these adorable pens are super affordable!

WritefullyHis is a stationary site that sells some amazing, unique and just plain stunning greeting cards for every occasion you can imagine.  As if the beautiful cards aren’t enough, let me tell you how their business works.  For every purchase you make 20% of the profits go to support schools and their students in Africa.  You need to buy cards, so why not make a difference at the same time.  Take care of others, and the Earth with every purchase.Expressionary

If you’re looking for an amazing gift for a Mom, grad or teacher, take a peek at Dena Design’s custom notecards at  They are beautiful, can be personalized and the card stock feels amazing.  Fellow paper dorks will understand what I’m saying.  These make great thank you notes for showers, weddings and the arrival of a baby.  Get them for a new mom and take one thing of her plate.  They have some amazing patterns besides these as well.



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Beach Bag Beauty

Stuffing your beach bag or suitcase for vacation is always a tricky balance between what you need to bring, what you might want to have and those items that are just plain fun.  I wanted to gather a few items for you that will help you look and feel great without bogging you down.  Here are some of my summer favorites.

Now (1)

Please note I received samples of some of these items in order to be able to write this review. My opinions are my own and I only bring you things I want to share. 

Beach Bag Beauty


Chapstick is a classic beauty tool.  It’s just what you need to keep lips soft and supple through summer’s harsh sun-filled months.  Just in time for summer, they’ve released a Tropical Paradise collection with three to scents; Watermelon Splash, Mango Sunrise and Aloha Coconut.  These scents are fun, summery and just plain fun.  Give yourself a mini vacation every time you use one.  As always, the tube is just the right size to tuck into your purse or pocket.

You may have seen metallic temporary tattoos around at music festivals, gyms and so on.  LuluDK offers an amazing assortment of metallic tattoos in every design you can imagine.  They are an amazing summer accessory.  Add a little sparkle to a sun dress, shorts and a t-shirt or even just your bathing suit.  They go on easily and have lasting power.  I LOVE adding these to an ankle or wrist. It’s a fun way to feel beachy and summery, even though I’m still working through the summer months.  These are a great activity for kids, and a great accessory for everyone else.  Check out all the designs!  You’ll be amazed!

You know you can’t head to the beach without your nails and toenails looking their best.  SinfulColors has done it again with an amazing line of seasonal colors.  Their polish is equal parts fun and equal parts tough.  This holds up to my yoga, running and of course, beach going.  Check out all of their new colors, techniques and inspiration on their Facebook page!

Sinful Colors

AND just in time for summer, check out SinfulColors Fourth of July themed colors!  My favorite is the Star Blast-Off.  It’s patriotic sparkles are perfect to add over any other color!

4th of July SinfulColors

Stay cool and comfortable this summer with Bausch+Lomb’s Thera Pearl Eye Mask.  It can be used in the freezer or microwave for either hot or cold therapy.  It’s perfect after a day at the beach or before a night on the town.  Relieves puffy eyes, helps with headaches and sinus pressure.  It’s an amazing way to cool off, relax and look great.  A perfect little item to add to your beauty routine this summer.

Toni & Guy’s Wave Memoriser is just what you need to refresh your waves after a day at the beach.  It enhances waves and gives you a fun, funky look without all the fuss of having to spend lots of time on your hair.  Go from the beach to dinner without a lot of time, and with just one little tube.  Tony & Guy products are available at

I don’t usually wear a lot of lipstick, or makeup for that matter, while spending time at the beach.  However, I love a lip gloss with a little shine, some summer color and a great feel.  I was able to try Essence’s XXXL Shine glosses and they fit the bill.  They are super affordable so you can grab a few.  They won’t melt in your beach bag like lipstick, so they are perfect for warmer days.  You can purchase Essence products at

Summer makeup needs to be effective and look good.  It also needs to protect you from the sun.  Think you can’t have both?  You’re wrong!  Check out Laneige’s BB Cushion Creme.  It goes on so easily and quickly it’s amazing.  I’m not a makeup application expert at all!  This evens out your skin tone, and gives you a flawless feel and look all day ling.  It has SPF 50 in it and blocks UVA/UVB rays.  I put this on in the morning and wore it all day….you can’t even feel it on your face.  This is the perfect addition to your summer makeup routine and your beach bag!  They also have a concealer too!

Laneige’s skin care line has two amazing sleep masks.  These are masks you apply before bed and let them do their work while you sleep.  That’s the best multi tasking I’ve heard of!  The Water Sleep Mask recharges dehydrated skin overnight. Highly concentrated, ionized mineral water and ceramides deliver intensive doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin. Aromatic Sleepscent — orange flower, rose and sandalwood — relaxes and rejuvenates while apricot and chestnut extracts brighten and purify fatigued skin. The result: skin looks and feels radiant, refreshed.  Check out their Firming Sleeping Mask as well.

I never gear up for summer with Boiron’s Calendula cream.  It’s an all natural remedy for rashes, minor cuts and of course, SUNBURN.  Honestly, I love it’s healing properties so much I use it even after a day outside in the sun.  It leaves my skin moisturized and soothed in a way regular lotion does not.  Calendula comes in lotion, gel, ointment and cream.  The lotion is great for larger areas of your body.  The gel is cooling and feels oh so good after summer heart.  Check out all of the options on Boiron’s website.

Don’t forget the little ones as you pack the beach bag!  Children are especially vulnerable to the potential harmful effects of UV light because their skin is thinner and has less melanin than adults. Sun Angels arm sleeves are kid-friendly, fashionable and offer UPF 50+ protection, the best possible rating for protection against potentially harmful UV rays. These easy-to-slip-on arm sleeves offer parents an instant, chemical-free alternative to the often challenging task of lathering on and re-applying sticky sunblock to a wiggly child. Sun Angels arm sleeves are certified UPF 50+ and made from a 60% polyester/35% cotton jersey/5% spandex (latex-free) fabric blend, which makes them lightweight and breathable, and the perfect accessory for everyday wear.

Did you know that coconut oil has an SPF of 10?  If you’re looking for an all natural sunscreen, it doesn’t get any more natural than coconut oil. Carrington Farms makes it easy on you too with their on the go packs.  As if this wasn’t enough for you, these packs are perfect for cooking, beauty and travel.  They don’t require refrigeration either!  You’ll find a million uses for these..

Of course you need sunblock at the beach and Beyond Coastal has everything you need to apply and reapply on the go. Their sunscreens are natural and care for your skin. Beyond Coastal’s Natural sunscreens nourish, repair, and hydrate your skin with aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin C.  They have sport sunscreen, sunscreen sticks, and even chapstick to protect you on the go.  I’m a big fan as this is effective, has staying power and feels great on my skin.  Check out their while line on their website.

I need bug repellant but I hate wearing it.  BugBand offers a line of towelettes that are handy and easy to use.  Just open the foil package and rub yourself down.  It’s a great way to apply, especially around your face where you don’t want to use spray.  They are DEET-free and safe even for little kids. These are great for applying on the go or mid hike.  I love these for camping too!  You can even fold it up and put it back in the foil pouch for later.  The pouches allow you to take just what you need with you at all times.  Check out all the sizes available at BugBand.


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The Joyful Organizer


Quick Tips

There is a saying, “What gets written down gets attended to, and what gets attended to gets done.” 

Write down your organizing goals and hold yourself accountable for completing them. 

I know it seems like a big chore, but you’ll be glad you did it once you’re done!

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