DIY Weekly Organizer

We all have to do list.  You probably have more than one.  So how do you keep them all straight?  This is a super affordable way to bring a little color into your home AND to organize all of those lists.

Weekly Organizer DIY Graphic


All you need are some clothes pins, some twine or string, a paint brush, a paint marker and some paints.  I had craft paint on hand, but you could even use kid paint.  This doesn’t have to be perfect or durable.


You could use the same color of paint or just a few colors and alternate.  I used seven different colors.  The amount of paint needed is so minimal that you could even use leftover paint from other projects you’ve completed.


Paint each cloths pin a color you like.  I used blue, yellow, red, purple, green, silver and pink.

Painted Clothespins

Grab the paint marker next and write down the days of the week.  You could also write down activities or family member’s names.

Finished Product

Tie the twine or string in an area where you can see it.  I like the idea of tying it by the door or on the fridge.  This is also great for an office or for a kids’ homework area.  You can use Post it notes, index cards or scraps of paper to write your lists.  Then, just pop them into the notecard on the day they need attention and you’ll never forget things again.  It’s a great way to teach kids to plan ahead and to make sure that they bring the correct homework or equipment on certain days.

Play around with the colors or use of clothes pins and make this project your own!  Tell me what you did below!

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Kate Spade Inspired Desk Dishes

I love Kate Spade…’s a weakness of mine.  I find myself picking up Kate Spade items in store I didn’t even knew sold Kate Spade.Odds and ends dish  This dish is an example of just that.  I was looking at an online store for office supplies for a client of mine and fell in love with the dish.  I loved it and set out to create something similar to it, for much less money.

DIY Tray Graphic

I started with two ceramic white dishes from Darby Smart.  At the time I bought them, they are $10 for the set of two.  I had a lot of ideas for them, but since I ordered them for this project, I stuck to my plan.  However, if I order more, expect to see them in the future!DIY Dish Materials

I had Martha Stewart paint, foam pouncers and stencils on hand.  However, you can get all of these at a craft store or online.  Any brand will do.  The stencil letters are adhesive so they stick on easily.  If you have stencils that are not adhesive, use some blue painter’s tape to hold them in place.  Either way, lay out the whole word before you start painting.

Dishes In Progress

Once you have the letters in place, put some paint in a small dish or on a paper plate.  Dab the paint on gingerly.  You don’t want to get it on the areas where you don’t want to paint and it’s easier to go slow and steady and then to put on too much.  Once you’ve finished applying paint, peel off the stencils.  I like to have a paper plate nearby to put them down on to avoid getting paint anywhere else.  I wait about one minute after applying paint to remove the stencil to let the paint firm up just a bit.  Wash off the stencils or brush as soon as possible to make sure you can remove any paint.


Finished Dishes

As you can see, I put odds and ends on these dishes.  I liked the bright color to catch the eye, paired with the simplicity of the plain white dish.  I intend to use these on my desk for photo memory cards, stamps and alligator clips.  These would also be great in the entry way of your home for change, keys or jewelry.  Keep in mind you can write ANYTHING you want on them!

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Make a Meaningful Get Well Kit

This past year I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals.  It hasn’t been pretty, but it’s taught me a lot of lessons.  I really understand what you need to have on hand to be comfortable and to make the stay a little more enjoyable, if there is such a thing.  So, when a family member had upcoming surgery scheduled, I decided to do that I do best, organize and prepare.

GetWellKit (2)


I started with what is the most important thing in my book-snacks!  I gathered some bars and crackers and nuts that can be eaten easily on the go.  Then, I added in some peanut butter which, with a knife from the cafeteria, can be added to bread to make a sandwich or a bagel for breakfast.  Not to be forgotten, I added some instant coffee.  Just add it to hot water and you’re in business!Candy

So maybe i’m going over board on snacks, but I like to munch when I’m stressed and late nights require sugar.  Peanut butter cups, life savers, gum, mints, M&M’s, and a custom Joyful Organizer chocolate round out the sweets.  For health, I added in some Hall Defense Vitamin C drops. Toiletries

For those little mishaps in the hospital, I added in Tide packets and Shout wipes.  The last think you want to worry about is dirty socks or a stain on your shirt sitting too long.  To combat dry rooms I added in hand lotion and home made chap stick.  I also added in some anti bacterial wipes, to avoid germs.


I made this little sign on my Silhouette and put it on a 5×7 canvas.  It’s simple and can be propped up in the hospital or tucked away into the box.  I’m going to write a support message on the back and include this in lieu of a card.Office Supplies

Sometimes you have to conduct business in the hospital….learning about a procedure, writing down medication dosage or doctor’s instructions, etc.  I added in some multi colored pens, 4×6 index cards and mini post it notes.

Uno cards

For some fun I added in UNO cards.  And for when I make people cry with sorrow that I keep winning, I included Kleenex.


Completed kitI put ALL of the items in a plastic shoe box that I had on hand.  This makes the kit portable and durable.  It will also keep the items in the kit fresh and out of the way in the hospital room. I used my Silhouette to cut out the “Get Well Kit” for the top. If you don’t have a Silhouette machine you could use a marker, stencils or even a label maker.  This is a great way to say that you’re thinking of someone.  It’s also a way to send something to the hospital that will be more useful than flowers.  You can customize it to the patient’s tastes and preferences easily.  I was able to get all of these items at my local CVS and a few came from Amazon online.

On another note, if you want to get vinyl in this color, visit Bogo Vinyl.  All Joyful Organizer readers can get 20% off their order with code TheJoyfulOrganizer!


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Chore Chart Choices

Chore charts are an effective way to manage the tasks that need to be done around the house.  They are great in order to hold everyone accountable, even you!  It’s all about making the necessary tasks easy and routine so they get done quickly and effectively every day.  Making a habit out of cleaning and organizing keeps your home clean, your family working together and keeps the clutter at bay.  Here are a few options for chore charts.

Chore Chart Choices

All of the chore chart options are easy to assemble.  You probably have most of the materials lying around the house already… here goes…

Pick the one that works for you and if after a while it doesn’t work, change it up!

Paper Chore Chart Materials

The first option is super easy.  Grab some markers, a container (I like a clear container) and some paper.  The paper doesn’t have to be patterned, but it makes it a little more fun.

Paper Chore Chart

Cut the paper into strips and write down the chores that need to be done.  You can leave them as strips or fold them up.  Put them in the jar and then have each family member pull chores out.  Do this one at a time or have them pull out a specified number and see how quickly they can get them done.

Washi Chore Chart Materials

I call this option the Washi Tape Chore Chart.  What you need is a pencil shaped container (mug works great too!), washi tape, wooden sticks (I bought these on Etsy) and markers.

Washi Chore Chart

Write down the chores on the sticks and then use washi tape to color code the ends.  You can color code by child, age, length of time the chore will take and so on.  Use fun washi patterns and colors so this system looks as good as it works.

Ping Pong Chore Chart

This is one of my favorite options.  Write the chores down on ping pong balls and draw them out lottery style.  It’s fun and even little kids can grab the balls out of the jar.  I used a glass container here so you could see the contents, BUT you could use a fish bowl, fun pail or holiday themed container.

I love to have each family member put their finished tasks into another container and see who can finish the most in a specified period of time, like ten minutes.

If you’re looking for a printable version, we have one available on Etsy.  It’s made for multiple kids, but we also have one available for one child.  This is a great option if you want to give your child a visual representation of what needs to be done.  Pick the reward for a completed chore chart ahead of time.

Chore Chart-Printable


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Sunday Success: Double The Recipe

Sunday Success Double Trouble

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Blue Avocado (reusable bags) Giveaway!

Reduce clutter and waste with BlueAvocado’s family of re(zip) reusable storage bags. The 5 piece (re)zip seal starter kit includes 3 lunch and 2 snack sizes. Use them to replace plastic baggies used for snacks, sandwiches, travel, home organization and more. (re)zips are made out of food safe, FDA-grade PEVA material, and are PVC-free, lead-free & BPA-free. (re)zips are safe to use in the freezer and the leakproof double-lock closure seals in freshness.

Blue Avocado Giveaway

  • Reduce clutter and waste with BlueAvocado’s family of re(zip) reusable storage bags
  • 5 piece (re)zip seal starter kit includes 2 (re)zip 1/2 cup volume and 3 (re)zip 1 cup volume reusable bags with expandable base
  • Replaces plastic baggies used for snacks, sandwiches, travel, home organization and more
  • Made out of food safe, FDA-grade PEVA material
  • PVC-free, lead-free & BPA-free
  • Leakproof double-lock closure seals in freshness
  • Freezer safe
  • Hand wash
  • Dimensions: 3.25” x 2” x 2.5” (½-cup); 4.25” x 2” x 3.25” (1-cup)

Want to win a set?  Enter below!  OR, want 20% off your own set?  Use code: joyfulorganizer20

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Organizing Tip~First Aid

Org Tip-First Aid

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Friday Inspiration-It’s A New Day

It's a New day

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Egg-cellent Desk Organizer

So I’ve been on the hunt for a ceramic egg holder.  I saw one in a high end cooking magazine and I was NOT going to pay $40 for it. I did love the idea of being able to see and easily grab my hard boiled eggs.  Keeping them in storage containers with lids never seemed to work out properly.

I found this one at Kohl’s and when I bought it, the sale price was under $10.  (Prices vary by region and can be different online and in store.)   When I was taking the price tag off and washing this up, I realized that it could serve a lot more uses.  It would be awesome for bobby pins, hair elastics, and other small items that always seem to find their way all over the drawer.

This would also be amazing for jewelry.  Rings, earring sets and even pendants would all sit nicely organized in this organizer.  It would keep sets together, untangled and where you can see them (and wear them)!

Egg Holder As Desk Organizer

Perhaps my favorite use of this is a desk organizer.  I like to be able to grab small things and use them quickly. I use clips, lip balm and other small items quite frequently.  I keep an inventory of these items in a supply cabinet, but I like to have a few on hand.  I gathered these items and put them into the egg organizer and voila, I had an organizer that put everything in arm’s reach AND looked cute while doing it. It’s a win win!  Now I need to go get a few more of these so I can put them all around the house, and of course, in my fridge :)

Berry Basket

I also bought a ceramic berry basket, I’ll let you know what I do with it!

What would YOU organize with this egg holder?

Egg Holder Empty



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DIY Color Coded Tassel Key Chains

I bet you have extra keys lurking around your home.  I often find them in junk drawers and other areas of the home where they are seen all the time.  However, they are fiercely protected by their owners.  Why?  Because it’s not known what these keys open.  They MIGHT be important.  They MIGHT go to your gym locker five years ago but they might also be the key (pun intended) to a safe full of money.

DIY Tassel Graphic

So how do you prevent these unknown keys from losing their locks and floating around your home?  I like to use labeled and or color coded key chains.  Below I share with you a tutorial to make these key chains.  The process is super inexpensive and easy.  It’s a great craft for kids too!

The materials needed are readily available.  You can use embroidery floss like the type used to make friendship bracelets.  You could also use yarn.  I used a combo of both.  These are mini skeins of yarn.  I bought them for another project and they didn’t work out, but they were perfect for this.  I bought the kit on Amazon for about $5.  (At the time the kit came in six color combinations.)

Mini Yarn

I also bought loop rings.  Pick any size and color you want.  I bought these at a craft store and they were about $3 for a pack of 25.

Key Rings

The next step is to grab a ruler and some sharp scissors. You’re going to start cutting the thread but first, determine how long you want your tassel.  I wanted mine ABOUT three inches, so I cut my yarn eight inches long.  I used the ruler for the first few cuts and matched the next cuts to that length.  I cut 15 pieces of thread.Ruler and Scissors

Next, thread the key ring over the threat and fold it all in half.

Cut ANOTHER piece of thread, this one about ten inches long.  Place it around the folded thread about a centimeter from the key ring.  You can start wrapping the thread or you can tie it on.  Keep trapping and tying until the whole piece of thread is wrapped around.  Tuck the ends in, knot them or use a dab of glue to secure.

I then trimmed the ends of the tassel so they were even.  Do this any many times as you’d like with as many colors of thread.  You can even mix and match!Finished Tassels

Next, create a chart for your keys.  For example;

Teal tassel =car

Yellow tassel=house key and so on

You could color code by type of key, area of your home or owner of the keys.

OR, you can grab a piece of washi tape, fold it in half over the key ring and label.



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… I will continue to use Bonnie Dewkett and The Joyful Organizer on projects in our home as our family expands and our needs continue to change…


Quick Tips

There is a saying, “What gets written down gets attended to, and what gets attended to gets done.” 

Write down your organizing goals and hold yourself accountable for completing them. 

I know it seems like a big chore, but you’ll be glad you did it once you’re done!

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