Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about the journey to organization.

How do I get started?
Give us a call, or drop us a line to schedule your personalized consultation.  The consultation will review the areas of your home that you wish to have organized, and any specific organizational challenges that impact the area.  An appointment to begin work will be made as quickly as possible.

How long is a typical organization session?
We work in three-hour increments.  In some instances we are able to fit in more than one three hour session per day, but you will find that organizing can be a physically (moving stuff), and emotionally (getting rid of stuff) intensive process.  We coach you through the feelings associated with giving up your belongings that you no longer use, but have an emotional attachment to them.

How long do projects normally take?
An average sized room normally takes a minimum of six hours.  The actual amount of time will depend on your schedule, organizational supplies needed, the amount of personal items in the room, and the time that it takes to make decisions about which items will remain in the room.

Will I have to be there while The Joyful Organizer works?
You can choose to work with The Joyful Organizer, or have your space organized while you enjoy your extra free time.  Keep in mind that you will need to make decisions about which items will remain in the room.

What if I decide I want more rooms/areas organized after the first room is completed?
Often items from one room spill into another, and customers decide to have more than one room organized.  This is perfectly normal, and additional appointments can be scheduled to organize other areas of the home.

What about the supplies that will be needed?
The Joyful Organizer offers personal shopping services and can obtain the necessary supplies on your behalf.  We will work with you to determine the supplies that match your décor and fit within your budget.  You will be charged for supplies as part of the billing process for their actual cost, without markup. If shipping costs apply to an order, these will be billed to you.  You can also choose to purchase the items on your own.

Who will decide what I keep and what I get rid of?
The Joyful Organizer will work with you to determine which items will remain in your organized space.   If you choose to have The Joyful Organizer work unassisted you will still be asked to make the final decision on what stays in the room and what will not.  Nothing will ever be disposed of without your knowledge.  We can provide helpful recommendations for donating items such as clothing, toys, and office supplies.

What will happen with the personal items that do not fit into my organizational plan?
You have several options for items that you decide do not have a place in your organized space.  If you have space, you can store the items in other areas of the home.  If not, items can be donated to charity,  sell them at a tag sale, post them for free on FreeCycle or Craigslist.  We care about the environment.  The landfill is always the last option for discarded items.  We can facilitate any of these options on your behalf.

What types of storage solutions exist for the stuff I have in my house?
Storage solutions can be implemented for everything from sock drawers to kitchen cabinets and sports equipment.  We will assist you in selecting the best supplies to fit your needs.  Please visit our helpful links page to see some of the suppliers that we use.

What if my home doesn’t stay organized?
It’s a fact of life, sometimes we all get too busy to keep up with home maintenance.  We truly believe that it takes only ten minutes a day, per person to stay organized.  Once we have developed and implemented organizational solutions for your home, we can return to help you maintain your progress.   Weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual services are available to keep your home as organized as it was the day your project was completed.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Absolutely!  Gift certificates are sold in hourly increments, with a minimum of three hours of organization time.  You can also add in personal shopping time to give a more complete solution to your recipient.  Gift certificates are great for people who “have everything”.  Surprise your special someone with the gift of organization!

When will payment be due?
Payment will be due after each session.  If the project is long term, payment will be due weekly (on Friday or the day of work closest to Friday).  A $100 deposit is required to begin your project.

Will you work with my children on their room/play room?
The Joyful Organizer® will work with your children to design systems that will work with their lifestyle.  This also teaches children how to stay organized.  Like math, organizing is a learned skill.  Help your child build a strong foundation of organizing skills at an early age.  It will pay dividends for them as they progress through their academic career.

I have a specific organizational challenge that I don’t see mentioned on this website.  Can The Joyful Organizer® help me?
The Joyful Organizer will work with you to conquer even the biggest organizational challenges!  Organizing is a personal process, both in making decisions about possessions and the challenges that people face when trying to get organized.  Please feel free to call or email The Joyful Organizer with any questions you have.  We are here to help!