Looking for a motivational speaker that will help increase your group’s productivity?

From church groups to large corporations, our organizations all have one thing in common: People.  It’s the people that make our groups strong, unique, and diverse.  In order to strengthen our organizations we must focus on developing the people within. Bonnie can speak at your next event, meeting, or retreat to discuss what it takes to live an organized, less stressful life.

We will tackle topics such as: family and personal time management, work/life balance, stress reduction, child study skills, and room-by-room home organization.

Bonnie speaks to groups of any size and will travel to your location. We will work with the coordinator of the event to discuss topics, handouts, dress code, and organizational games.

It is our goal that all attendees will come away from the event inspired to become more organized in at least one aspect of their lives. Bonnie will be available to answer questions, and hand-outs will be left behind for those who have questions at a later time. Every event is designed to be informational and fun!

topicsChoose one of Bonnie’s popular presentations, or she can work with you to create a custom presentation.

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