Reorganize Your Beauty Bag: Going Cruelty-Free ~Guest Post

There are many reasons to buy cruelty-free beauty products (products that aren’t tested on animals). Animal-tested products are often found on drugstore shelves and are usually full of filler ingredients, harsh preservatives, and other suspicious substances. Animal testing is a cruel and unnecessary practice that you can discourage by buying cruelty-free products.

Cruelty Free

What is a cruelty-free product?

A cruelty-free product typically refers to a product that was not tested on animals. Some companies will state, “finished product not tested on animals,” leaving it ambiguous as to whether or not individual ingredients are tested on animals. Many natural product companies have a strict commitment to cruelty-free products, ensuring no animal was harmed from inception to packaging.

Leaping Bunny

How do I find cruelty-free products?

The best way to ensure a product is not tested on animals is to look for a certification logo such as the Leaping Bunny. PETA also has a list of companies that do and do not test on animals. Many health food stores only carry cruelty-free beauty products.


LipstickHow do I know if my current products are tested on animals?

If your products were purchased in a drugstore or superstore and are not considered “natural,” there is a good chance that they were tested on animals. Many higher-end cosmetic brands (such as those sold in department stores) are not tested on animals, but policies vary. Look up  your company on PETA’s list, check the company’s website for an animal testing policy, or write to the company. Many cruelty-free products will proudly state this on the packaging.


Does cruelty-free mean natural?

Not necessarily. There are cruelty-free products that are not very natural; they can be full of filler ingredients and some unpleasant preservatives. However, most natural products are cruelty-free. If you’re concerned about a product’s safety, check the EWG Skin Deep database to see how it ranks.


What about vegetarian/vegan products?

Many cruelty-free products are not vegetarian or vegan. However, vegetarians and vegans products are often cruelty-free as well.Eye Pencil Yet they are two separate qualifications. A product is vegetarian if it doesn’t contain meat or fish derivatives. A product is vegan if it contains no animal by-products whatsoever, and these ingredients often hide under many names (click here for a list).


What are some good cruelty-free brands?

Check out products by Pacifica, E.L.F., Gabriel, 100% Pure, and Kiss My Face.


Based in Austin, Texas, Kaylin is an eco-friendly makeup artist, author, and blogger. She has contributed to sites such as, Girlie Girl Army, and VegNews. Her blog, Kaylin’s Kit, focuses on eco-friendly beauty and lifestyle. Her first book, The Mercenary Makeup Artistwas released in August 2014.


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