Custom Cutting Board DIY

This is one of my favorite projects that I’ve done this holiday season.  It’s SUPER easy, fast and once you have the tools, you can go nuts making and giving these for years to come.

I had some of these tools on hand and I simply bought the cutting board.  You can get them from chef stores, super stores and even  I like bamboo because it’s a renewable resource and seems to take really well to the wood burning.

Cutting Board StepsYou will need:

A cutting board or other wood surface

A wood burning tool and matching wood burning stamps (not all stamps are comparable with all burners)

Pick a surface that’s well lit and away from any distractions, pets, kids or anything that’s easily flammable.

Screw on the letter you want to use and then turn the tool on.  Let it get hot.  I left it for a few minutes.  A good hot letter will allow you to get a good, clean mark on the first try.

Every time you want to switch letters you need to let the tool cool down completely, then swap and reheat.  Make sure you keep the tool unplugged when working with changing the letters and make sure you have a place to put the hot tool down to cool off.  Mine has a stand but I also use a trivet.

As you can see, I stamped MOM.  Super fast and easy and it’s something she can see, and USE, every single day!


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