Nail Polish Organization

Nail polish is one of those things that everyone has and it’s never easy to organize.  You want to have it close by so you can grab it and use it easily.  However, it can quickly become clutter and make surfaces difficult to clean.  Bottles can also break if not stored properly.  Here, I give you some ideas to inspire you for different ways to store and organize your nail polish.

When picking a system you should take info consideration the size of your collection as well as the size of the bottles.  Some brands and their bottles will work with some solutions better than others.

Nail Polish Organization

Top Row, From Left To Right

A simple, small glass vase is great for tall bottles.  I actually received this vase as part of a floral arrangement and I’ve used it for nail polish every since.  I love that you can see all of the colors by turing the vase.

A small plastic drawer divider can keep darks, lights and neutrals organized together.  Since it’s plastic and inexpensive, you don’t have to worry about polish spills or breaks.

Turn tables are awesome for nail polish.  You can spin and see everything you have on hand. It’s awesome as you can view from the side or the top.  (See picture directly below.)

Bottom Row, From Left to Right

A small ledge shelf is a great way to keep nail polishes close by but OFF your surfaces and out of drawers.  I love a set of small shelves and polishes grouped by color or finish.

A large bowl is a great way to keep all polishes together.  They are more likely to break this way, but you can easily see everything you own and it’s easier to pick a color. I love this daisy bowl I got from Spectrum.

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