Car Caché Giveaway

Ladies, you’re going to love this product.  The Car Caché  is something you didn’t know you needed until now.  It is a “net” that holds your purse in place behind your center console. (Your center console must open from the front, not slide.)  I’m posting a picture so you can see it here.  The Car Caché comes in Black, or Tan.  It will complement your car’s interior, while keeping your handbag clean, out of the way, and within easy reach.

Car Cache Giveaway

You no longer have to put your purse on the seat and hope it doesn’t slide off.  Or, if you put it in the back seat, reach around to get something when you need it.  Your purse stays close, but not too close.  The Car Caché requires that the vehicle has a front center console with a cover that opens from the front as well as the driver and passenger side headrests must have accessible posts. Order yours on their   or on Amazon:

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