Oh Baby….Organizing Gear for Baby and You

Organizing with a new baby can be tough.  As if night feedings and diapers weren’t enough it brings with it an entire assortment of gear that you probably weren’t prepared for.  I’ve gathered some gear for you to help you regain order, and find homes for all of these new items in your life.   Let me know what you think of these items and how’d they work for you!  (And share with us some cute baby photos while you’re at it!

Baby Gear

1.  P.R.K. Products makes some amazing organizational supplies.  My favorite is their bottle organizer.  It expands as the sizes of the bottles grow.  It allows you to take up just a small amount of counter or cabinet space and store a lot of bottles. This also prevents bottles from falling all over the place.  They stay together in a neat and orderly fashion.  (And you can clearly see when you need to do dishes!)

2.  Stop losing that pacifier!  Dyfrax’s Pacifier Clip is soft and cute, but don’t let that fool you.  It’s an awesome organizational tool for keeping your child’s pacifier off the floor.  Awesome for parents who don’t want to buy pacifiers over and over again and those who want to prevent germs, this is a great gift for a new mom or a dad!

3.  I love products that can multi task.  Chibebe’s baby bean bag chairs (say that three times fast!) is just what you need.  At first, it acts like a snuggly spot to tuck your newborn (there is a seatbelt).  As you child grows and learns to sit up on their own, it transitions into a chair.  When they can full sit on their own, they can use it as a chair to read or pal games in.  There are accessories such as a rocker and warmer for the unit. It comes in amazing patterns and colors too.  Perfect to match and nursery!  instead of giving something mommy and daddy won’t use, give a Chibebe Snuggle Pod which will be around for years!

4.  Packing extra clothes for baby or even for your toddler is must.  You never know when an accident, of any kind, might occur.  Free Like Birdie makes it easy to have outfits ready on the go.  Their like packing cubes for babies.  With a clean and a dirty section, plus packing instructions, this is an awesome organizational tool you can toss into a play date bag, luggage, bring to day care or keep in the back of the car.  Get some for yourself and get some for a new mom or dad!

5.  This little gem is going to grow with your baby.  b box’s Diaper Caddy starts out as an awesome caddy for diapers, wipes, lotion and all the other accessories you need for a comfortable baby changing time.  It comes in five colors, it’s light weight and BPA free.  Once your tot is potty trained, take out the diaper supplies and fill it up with arts and craft supplies like paint, clay and crayons.  You can even reuse it once more for school supplies!  One tool, lots of organizing uses.  I love that.



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