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Stuffing your beach bag or suitcase for vacation is always a tricky balance between what you need to bring, what you might want to have and those items that are just plain fun.  I wanted to gather a few items for you that will help you look and feel great without bogging you down.  Here are some of my summer favorites.

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Please note I received samples of some of these items in order to be able to write this review. My opinions are my own and I only bring you things I want to share. 

Beach Bag Beauty


Chapstick is a classic beauty tool.  It’s just what you need to keep lips soft and supple through summer’s harsh sun-filled months.  Just in time for summer, they’ve released a Tropical Paradise collection with three to scents; Watermelon Splash, Mango Sunrise and Aloha Coconut.  These scents are fun, summery and just plain fun.  Give yourself a mini vacation every time you use one.  As always, the tube is just the right size to tuck into your purse or pocket.

You may have seen metallic temporary tattoos around at music festivals, gyms and so on.  LuluDK offers an amazing assortment of metallic tattoos in every design you can imagine.  They are an amazing summer accessory.  Add a little sparkle to a sun dress, shorts and a t-shirt or even just your bathing suit.  They go on easily and have lasting power.  I LOVE adding these to an ankle or wrist. It’s a fun way to feel beachy and summery, even though I’m still working through the summer months.  These are a great activity for kids, and a great accessory for everyone else.  Check out all the designs!  You’ll be amazed!

You know you can’t head to the beach without your nails and toenails looking their best.  SinfulColors has done it again with an amazing line of seasonal colors.  Their polish is equal parts fun and equal parts tough.  This holds up to my yoga, running and of course, beach going.  Check out all of their new colors, techniques and inspiration on their Facebook page!

Sinful Colors

AND just in time for summer, check out SinfulColors Fourth of July themed colors!  My favorite is the Star Blast-Off.  It’s patriotic sparkles are perfect to add over any other color!

4th of July SinfulColors

Stay cool and comfortable this summer with Bausch+Lomb’s Thera Pearl Eye Mask.  It can be used in the freezer or microwave for either hot or cold therapy.  It’s perfect after a day at the beach or before a night on the town.  Relieves puffy eyes, helps with headaches and sinus pressure.  It’s an amazing way to cool off, relax and look great.  A perfect little item to add to your beauty routine this summer.

Toni & Guy’s Wave Memoriser is just what you need to refresh your waves after a day at the beach.  It enhances waves and gives you a fun, funky look without all the fuss of having to spend lots of time on your hair.  Go from the beach to dinner without a lot of time, and with just one little tube.  Tony & Guy products are available at

I don’t usually wear a lot of lipstick, or makeup for that matter, while spending time at the beach.  However, I love a lip gloss with a little shine, some summer color and a great feel.  I was able to try Essence’s XXXL Shine glosses and they fit the bill.  They are super affordable so you can grab a few.  They won’t melt in your beach bag like lipstick, so they are perfect for warmer days.  You can purchase Essence products at

Summer makeup needs to be effective and look good.  It also needs to protect you from the sun.  Think you can’t have both?  You’re wrong!  Check out Laneige’s BB Cushion Creme.  It goes on so easily and quickly it’s amazing.  I’m not a makeup application expert at all!  This evens out your skin tone, and gives you a flawless feel and look all day ling.  It has SPF 50 in it and blocks UVA/UVB rays.  I put this on in the morning and wore it all day….you can’t even feel it on your face.  This is the perfect addition to your summer makeup routine and your beach bag!  They also have a concealer too!

Laneige’s skin care line has two amazing sleep masks.  These are masks you apply before bed and let them do their work while you sleep.  That’s the best multi tasking I’ve heard of!  The Water Sleep Mask recharges dehydrated skin overnight. Highly concentrated, ionized mineral water and ceramides deliver intensive doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin. Aromatic Sleepscent — orange flower, rose and sandalwood — relaxes and rejuvenates while apricot and chestnut extracts brighten and purify fatigued skin. The result: skin looks and feels radiant, refreshed.  Check out their Firming Sleeping Mask as well.

I never gear up for summer with Boiron’s Calendula cream.  It’s an all natural remedy for rashes, minor cuts and of course, SUNBURN.  Honestly, I love it’s healing properties so much I use it even after a day outside in the sun.  It leaves my skin moisturized and soothed in a way regular lotion does not.  Calendula comes in lotion, gel, ointment and cream.  The lotion is great for larger areas of your body.  The gel is cooling and feels oh so good after summer heart.  Check out all of the options on Boiron’s website.

Don’t forget the little ones as you pack the beach bag!  Children are especially vulnerable to the potential harmful effects of UV light because their skin is thinner and has less melanin than adults. Sun Angels arm sleeves are kid-friendly, fashionable and offer UPF 50+ protection, the best possible rating for protection against potentially harmful UV rays. These easy-to-slip-on arm sleeves offer parents an instant, chemical-free alternative to the often challenging task of lathering on and re-applying sticky sunblock to a wiggly child. Sun Angels arm sleeves are certified UPF 50+ and made from a 60% polyester/35% cotton jersey/5% spandex (latex-free) fabric blend, which makes them lightweight and breathable, and the perfect accessory for everyday wear.

Did you know that coconut oil has an SPF of 10?  If you’re looking for an all natural sunscreen, it doesn’t get any more natural than coconut oil. Carrington Farms makes it easy on you too with their on the go packs.  As if this wasn’t enough for you, these packs are perfect for cooking, beauty and travel.  They don’t require refrigeration either!  You’ll find a million uses for these..

Of course you need sunblock at the beach and Beyond Coastal has everything you need to apply and reapply on the go. Their sunscreens are natural and care for your skin. Beyond Coastal’s Natural sunscreens nourish, repair, and hydrate your skin with aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin C.  They have sport sunscreen, sunscreen sticks, and even chapstick to protect you on the go.  I’m a big fan as this is effective, has staying power and feels great on my skin.  Check out their while line on their website.

I need bug repellant but I hate wearing it.  BugBand offers a line of towelettes that are handy and easy to use.  Just open the foil package and rub yourself down.  It’s a great way to apply, especially around your face where you don’t want to use spray.  They are DEET-free and safe even for little kids. These are great for applying on the go or mid hike.  I love these for camping too!  You can even fold it up and put it back in the foil pouch for later.  The pouches allow you to take just what you need with you at all times.  Check out all the sizes available at BugBand.


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