Essential Oil Starter Guide

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about essential oils.  They an an ancient practice for curing many ailments and providing energy to a space.  However, they have become increasingly popular lately and are more readily available now.  You can purchase oils online and in stores.  There are blogs, websites and social media profiles set up and dedicated to the practice of essential oils.  Here’s a little bit of information to get you started with using essential oils.

Essential Oil Starter Guide

Essential oils can be applied topically, ingested or diffused.  Because of their simplicity of use, you can quickly and easily change out the scent you are using.  I love to dab a few drops on my wrist to change the feel of the day.  I also love using a diffuser to set the ambiance of a space.  I bought a diffuser on Amazon and I like to turn it on before bed and allow myself to decompress.

There are also lots of blends available.  doTERRA is a popular company offerings and explaining essential oils for your most common ailments.

My go-to blend, especially in the colder months when there are a lot of germs going around, is doTERRA’s OnGuard. It is a blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils. It is a great natural alternative for supporting immune function and protecting against environmental threats. You can diffuse it into the air, use it in homemade cleaners or hand sanitizers or apply it diluted with a carrier oil on the bottoms of your feet for a little extra protection. 

For seasonal threats that leave you with a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat, dotERRA’s Breathe blend, a mix of laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara and cardamom, helps to open up the airways and promote clear breathing. I like to dilute this blend with fractionated coconut oil to make a chest and neck rub to help clear up congestion. It is also great to diffuse overnight to help you breathe easier while you sleep.  (If you want to know more about these blends, visit

I also love Uma’s blends.  Their Pure Calm Wellness Oil cannot be beat for relaxation.  I love to dab this on UmaOilmy wrists and feet before bed.  It changes my whole perspective and soothes away even the most stressful day.  Gift yourself this treat.   Life has its ups and downs.  Uma’s Pure Bliss Wellness Oil helps you deal with it. Clary sage essential oil sedates tense nerves, and boosts mental strength and self-confidence. Richly scented sandalwood essential oil promotes a sense of calm, as rose oil stimulates positivity and improves overall mood. Meanwhile, potent ylang ylang essential oil assists the nervous system in calming symptoms of anxiety and nervousness, to restore emotional balance even in trying situations.

  • Soothes tense nerves and promotes physical relaxation
  • Improves overall mood and stimulates confidence and mental energy
  • Preserves physical, mental, and emotional balance

Peppermint Essential OilPeppermint essential oil is a multitasker.  It can be used for colds, stress, stomach upset, sore muscles, headaches and indigestion.  The Vitamin Shoppe recently launched a line of essential oils and their peppermint oil is 100% pure and full of amazing.  This is not only a great oil, but an amazing value.

If I had to pick only one oil to have in my tool kit it would be lavender.  Nothing is more relaxing than Vitamin Shoppe Essential Oilsdiffusing lavender essential oils in your office, before bedtime or first thing in the morning to start the day off relaxed and focused.  Some days, when I’ve had enough, I turn on the diffuser on my desk and try to take a two minute mental vacation.  (Trust me, it works.)  Vitamin Shoppe’s Lavender Oil is well priced and 100% pure.  Made with all the good stuff you want and need….stop what you’re doing and order this 🙂

LiftCare Lemon Essential OilLemon essential oil is one of the most versatile oils.  Not only does it smell refreshing, it can be used in making your own cleaning products, hand sanitizer and air freshener.  I adore, Lift Care’s Lemon Essential Oil. It’s strong, so you only have to use a tiny bit to create.  It’s affordable too!  Get it here on Amazon.  Use code VXFLGA2U for 25% off!

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Once you start to use essential oils, you’ll never want to leave home without VLTAthem.  Thanks to VLTA, you don’t have to.  Their stunning jewelry is sustainably produced in the USA.  Each piece contains a vial to hold you essential oil.  Dab it on your neck or wrists throughout the day or just let it diffuse.  I was lucky enough to be able to wear their Amethyst Lariat Necklace is a piece of art that you can wear around your neck.  It’s stunning and made of sterling silver and genuine amethyst (my birthstone).  I love wearing this as the blend I put inside keeps be grounded and it reminds me to live healthy and sustainably while going through my busy day.


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