Elf Gets Organized-Day 4-Christmas Cards

Most people don’t enjoy sending out Christmas cards.  I used to LOVE writing all those addresses, stamping, sealing and so on.  Eventually, as I got busier and busier with work, getting the holiday cards ready seemed more and more like admin work to me.  I was dreading it a bit this year.  So, instead of doing it all at once like I used to, I changed my thoughts and process.

Day 4

I first sat down and determined who I wanted to send to.  I had people on my list that were there from years ago.  We hadn’t called, texted or seen each other in ages. So why communicate at Christmas?  I also determined that I would send my clients a digital greeting instead of paper ones.

So once I had my list, I sat down with a cup of coffee and started writing, addressing, sealing etc.  I did a few at a time.  And I put the TV on for distraction.  I let myself watch whatever I wanted, no judgement and no guilt.  Those cards were done within two episodes of The Newsroom 🙂

So this year, take it easy on yourself.  Send to those you love and connect with.  Give yourself time to get the cards done by starting early and do them one bite at a time. Oh and Christmas cookies help too!


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