Elf Gets Organized-Day 8-Donate!

The holidays mean lots of food, fun, family and…..STUFF.  You know it’s coming. Even if YOU practice a clutter free holiday, your relatives and friends might not get the memo. So, the stuff they buy you is coming to your house.

While you can gently remind friends and family that you don’t need things and that your kids would rather have a special memory with them, you’re going to end up with an influx of at least a few toys.

It’s the perfect time of year to address donation with your kids.  Talk to them about those less fortunate, and what your child’s surplus toys might mean for a child who has none.

Make room for what’s coming in, by letting some go.  If your child is having a hard time determining what to donate, ask them to fill a small box or laundry basket.  The predetermined amount usually helps them wrap their head around the process.  You could also set a timer to kick start the process.

Do the same in your coat closet.  Your surplus coats may make the difference between a warm or miserable winter for someone in need.  When in doubt, donate it!

Day 8



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