Elf Gets Organized-Day 9-Label It

So labelers aren’t necessarily a holiday only item.  They are awesome for ALL year though.  However, the holidays are a great time of year to start using a label maker.

I love labeling my holiday decorations in their storage units.  I label the strands of light as to where they go in my home.  I never have to guess where I hang them year after year.  I also label extra bulbs so I know what strand of lights they belong to.

Labeling is great for kids and you can use it when you purge (check out Day 8 for more details) to label the remaining items.  When spaces and containers are labeled, it’s easier to put things away where they belong.  It hold everyone accountable.  Instead of tossing an item into the closet, you are given a gentle reminder that the item you are putting away has a predetermined spot.

Label makers make awesome gifts for everyone on your list.  There are so many options out there in all price points.  Want to make a gift basket out of it?  Add in some fun and unique label tape!

Day 9


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