Elf Gets Organized-Day 10-Wrap It Up

Wrapping is one of those tasks that some people love and some people hate.  Regardless of how you feel about it, wrapping is a necessary part of the holiday.  This year I want to offer you some wrapping tips to make it more bearable.

1.  Use gift bags or boxes.  Lots of stores (even discount stores) sell beautifully decorated boxes and bags that can be used over and over again.  Simply put in a little tissue paper and you have a gift ready to give.  I bought a LARGE set of gift bags at Costco and I was able to wrap most of my presents this way.

2.  Consider going wrap free.  Especially for those gifts that Santa brings, leaving the wrapping off can sometimes be fun.

3.  Wrap as you buy. Instead of leaving one large, lengthy task of wrapping, do it over time.  Turn on a TV show, wrap for the 30 or 60 minutes and then go about your day.  Chances are you were going to watch TV anyway!

Day 10


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