Elf Gets Organized-Day 11-Christmas Goes to the Dogs

This is your official reminder not to forget your pets when holiday shopping.  Not only is it a great idea to get them something special for the holiday, it’s important to remember to bring them in from the cold.  Don’t leave them outside if it’s a cold evening and don’t leave them in your car while shopping. If you would be cold outside, they are too.

Buying your pets presents doesn’t have to be expensive.  It’s not just a fun things to do either.  Buying them a new toy or bone will keep them busy on Christmas morning when the rest of the family are opening presents.

During the holidays pet stores, like other retailers, usually have great sales.  It’s a great time to stock up on pet food and supplies for the coming year.  However, it’s also a great time to purchase items to donate to your local shelter.  They are often forgetting during the holidays are people are allocating their time and money elsewhere.

Day 11


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