First Aid Kit Organization

For a while now I’ve used a medium sized tote to organize my first aid kit.  However, the more time passes, the harder it seemed to get to find what I needed, when I needed it.

Since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, I started to look at the containers I had around the house.  I always have plastic shoe boxes.  You can buy these at a local super store or from The Container Store.  I love the lids that snap securely in place.

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I got out four plastic shoe boxes and divided up the items I had into categories.  While they weren’t perfect groupings, they made sense to me and that’s what is most important in creating any organizational system.

The groupings I made were; wound care, cold and stomach, injury and all other supplies.  Take a peek at the groups below.

Then I snapped on the lids, labeled the outside and put the containers into a bin I have used for years (and love).  The Container Store still sells the bin too.  The sides are flexible so totes fit great inside and it’s light weight so you can pick it up off a shelf easily with no added heft.

The great thing about a system like this is that I always know what I have.  I never wonder at the store what’s in my first aid inventory.  I also know that if need be, I can take one of the kits out to care for an injury or treat a cold and then just put it away when I’m done.  Since the containers are inexpensive and plastic, they can be washed or replaced if something inside leaks.First Aid Kit Organizaton

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