Spooky Gear for Halloween

Halloween used to be a small holiday.  Everyone seemed to have a few decorations.  Now, Halloween is a huge enterprise and you can go bonkers with costumes, decorations and more.  Since there is so much available, it’s hard to know what to get.  I’ve brought together a few pieces for you to take a peek at and hopefully, enjoy as much as I do.

Halloween Gear

1.  Felt-o-Ween is a crafting book full of ideas for costumes, decor and some useful household items.  The designs are easy to create and the instructions are awesome.  I love the templates that are included in the book!  Some of my favorite projects are the candy corn banner, cat ears and a witch hat fascinator.  It’s quite helpful that the books tells you the exact amount of material to get at the store.

2.  I recently discovered Party Cheap.  They have so many celebration decorations and holiday specialty items it’s hard to imagine.  I had a lot of fun browsing their website 🙂  Some of my favorites were the Assorted Fabric Autumn Leaves and the Halloween String Banner.  The leaves are great for crafts, a centerpiece or even place cards.  The banner is unique and easy to hang.  All of Party Cheap’s inventory items are inexpensive.  You can throw a party or decorate for a holiday without breaking the bank.

3.  Want a spooky table scape but don’t want to look too childish? Tag’s Spooky Party Spiderweb Felt Table Runner.  It’s made of high quality felt and is black in color.  It’s cut out design makes it “pop” against any surface you place it on.  It looks awesome on a coffee table or kitchen table.  I love that it rolls up small and neat and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the off season.  It’s affordable and unique.  A winner that you’ll use year after year.

4. Halloween has gone to the dogs.  Seriously, it’s becoming more and more common for people to get costumes for their pets.  And why not?  They are adorable!  I just discovered Halloween Costumes.com.  (Yes, ANOTHER place that ships what you want right to your door.)  They have lots of adult and kid costumes, but also pet costumes.  They are easy to purchase (and sizing is explained well), affordable and so cute!  My favorite?  The Minion Costume!

5.  Trick or treating bags can either be dull and boring or something you treasure from year to year.  I prefer the latter.  I came across Personal Creation’s Scary ‘N Soft Treat Bags and I instantly fell in love.  They are soft containers with an easy to carry handle.  They are light weight so your child won’t be hefting them around on Halloween.  They hold a lot of candy too!  Not only do they come in lots of styles (mummy, Frankenstein, pirate, pumpkin, cat, Dracula, spider, witch, monster or ghost), they can be personalized with up to nine letters.  This is a great item to have if you have more than one child or for someone to feel super special on the holiday.  I was lucky enough to get one with my name on it and I’m using it to hold Halloween candy for the Trick or Treaters who will be coming to the door.


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