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Hello! I’m Becky from, where we love a unique craft, give family life our level best, and share tips on mental & emotional health.  

I am delighted to be a guest here today! Thank goodness there are people like Bonnie (and her amazing site) to help us get our lives in order.  Especially for creative types, who usually can find the glue gun, but not the glue stick.
Both of the fabulous crafts I’m sharing cost under 3.00!  This means you can give them to coworkers, neighbors and friends and not push your holiday budget.
Reversible Holiday Banner
Dress your mantle with a Boo banner for Halloween, and then flip it to celebrate Christmas!  This makes a darling gift.
October 2013
To make this banner,
1. Head here to download the printable pattern.  Once you’ve printed it off, lay the template on your burlap and trace 10
    triangles.  Cut them out.  
Banner instructions
2. Trace letters on 6 of them with a sharpie. I cut my letters from iron on vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo, but tracing looks good too.
3. Using double sided adhesive, (I used the Silhouette brand found here) trace the circles from the pattern and cut out 30 total (or tell your 
    Cameo to cut them out for you.  They are 0.8 inch circles)
4. Remove the backing from one side of 15 circles.  Sprinkle red glitter on the adhesive.  Now remove the backing from the other 15 circles
    and sprinkle orange glitter on those.  Adhere them at random to each of the burlap triangles, being sure not to cover letters with them.
Close up of banner
5. Glue the 2 sides of the burlap together with a glue gun, putting letters J and o together, o and o on either side of another, and finally the y and the B together.
Banner hanging
4. Lay them out so that they are spelled correctly on both sides (may not be such a great gift if you don’t).  Use a small ribbon to weave through the corners of the burlap, using a chopstick to push the ribbon through the holes if needed.
5. Wrap ‘er up and give her to a lucky friend!
Baking Sheet and Oven Mitt
This gift is particularly good for the baking impaired.  An embellished baking mitt, put together with a mini cookie sheet (both purchased from the dollar store) inspire holiday treats without having to bake!
Flower close up
To make this, you’ll need a few embellishments.  Buy pre-made flowers from craft stores, or make your own. I made several, so some of them have felt snow-flakes and snowmen, while others have flowers. These were purchased here.  Simply glue (with a glue gun) onto your oven mitt!
Finished Gift
Next adhere a bit of vinyl to the cookie sheet which reads ‘Merry Christmas’.  I cut mine using my Cameo, out of flocked vinyl.
Put your newly decorated oven mitt on your cookie sheet and tie it together with a ribbon.  Add a tag for gifting, and you are ready for work parties!
I hope you enjoy making these simple low cost gifts,. Visit us for more craft inspiration:

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