Kids’ Stocking Stuffer Guide-2014

Don’t want to fill their stockings with candy or useless plastic toys they will never use again?  Our guide will give you some affordable, fun and even useful ideas for your kids.  Read on and let me know what you think! Kids Stocking Stuffers   1.  If you love the idea of kids’ “dough” but don’t love the chemicals that usually come it in, check out Eco Dough.  It’s made with all natural ingredients.  Colored with plant, fruit and vegetable extracts, it’s vibrantly colored.  It contains essential oils that keep it soft and make it smell nice.  Don’t worry about your kids playing with this dough.  It’s fun AND safe.  (And available in a gluten free option as well!)

2. I also found natural face paint.  Glob’s face paint is the only natural, non-nano face paint available, made with botanical extracts, natural colors, and organic ingredients in sustainable packaging. No artificial dyes or harsh chemicals. Includes: 5 colors with a bamboo applicator. It has no titanium dioxide * non-nano * no synthetic dyes * paraben-free * no petro-chemicals * talc-free.  Cruelty-free. Made in USA.  An awesome gift for vegans, vegetarians or chemical conscious parents.

3. Teenagers are notoriously hard to shop for.  Boys especially.  So, I hunted down a gift that’s useful, adorable and helps the recipient learn to manage time-a Lego Watch!  It comes with changeable links, a stainless steel back and even butterfly clasp.  It’s adorable, while still understated.  Even the gift box is amazing!  This is an affordable gift that can be worn and used for years to come.  And it’s name says it all, The Happiness Watch!  The best part is that you can order these from and they have free shipping!

4.  Smile and Succeed for Teens is a book designed to teach teens the tools and manners that go over looked so often.  From when to text, hygiene and social situations this book covers everything you teens want to know (and didn’t want to ask an adult about). It’s a great stocking stuffer to give a teen so they can succeed in a world filled with technology instead of personality.

5.  StakeLight is an amazing gift for kids who are camping for the first time.  The stakes light up with LEDs and illuminate the exterior of the tent.  Not only is this great so you don’t run into the poles or ropes, but it keeps away the animals and monsters that lurk outside tents.  These are a great stocking stuffer for adults too!

6.  Play Tape is just what ever parent has been looking for.  It’s tape, that is patterned with a road design.  It’s about two inches wide and can be put onto any flat surface.  Your kids can create roads and cities wherever you travel!  (Or in your own home).  It comes off without leaving any sticky stuff behind and because it’s paper you make pieces easily without scissors.  It comes in a few colors too.  Great for imaginative play and for making use of the trucks, cars, blocks and toys you already own!

7.  For fun with school supplies, crafting and even maybe labeling toy bins, Creative Kids has an awesome set of multi colored masking tape.  It’s great for kids because it’s colorful but easily removable!  When you buy this, Creative Kids donates a toy to a child in need too!  Eight rolls of tape for under $8!  (You could even open the pack and divide it up among multiple kids!)

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