Makeup-When To Throw It Out

I get a lot of questions about when makeup and other personal care products expire.  Below is a general guideline for you to follow.  I suggest writing the purchase date on products when you purchase them. This way you can’t fall back on the “I can’t remember” excuse to keep too many products.  Also, make sure that products are kept in a cool, dry location. You should be able to see them so you can be sure to use them!

How Long to Keep Makeup

Liquid and creme foundations can be kept for 6-12 months.

Face moisturizer can be kept for a year.

Eye Shadow can be kept for a year.

Concealer can be kept for up to a year.

Power and blush can be kept for a year.

Mascara should be changed out every three months.  Do not “pump” the brush in the tube.  It gets more air in the tube and allows bacteria to grow.  Lots of stores offer subscription services and you can just have a new tube mailed to you when it’s time.  I use

Lipstick and lip gloss can be kept up to two years.

Eye and lip pencils can be kept up to two years.  (Sharpen frequently to avoid germ build up.)

If any makeup shows signs of mold throw it away right away.  Make sure you keep makeup’s exposure to light as little as possible.

I like to write the date I buy makeup on it’s container with a permanent marker.  That way, when time flies, you never have to try and remember when (and where) you purchased it.

If you buy the same colors and brands over and over again, take note of the names in a safe place, such as your phone. It makes shopping on the go much easier.

Chances are you have a lot of old makeup you don’t wear and haven’t worn in a while.  Start fresh and keep track going forward!  You don’t eat expired food so why would you put expired products on your face?!



  1. Patricia Orce says

    If your mascara wand does not create a “pop” sound when you remove it from the tube it is no good. Please toss it.


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