Decorating For A Home Wedding

Decorating for a home wedding can be a lot of fun. There are lot of options available to fit any theme, color scheme and budget. By planning ahead, spending strategically and decorating carefully, you have achieve high impact results on a small budget.

Decorating For A Home Wedding

Determine the areas of your home that guests will be in. Usually the ceremony and reception are in two different areas. These will both require decorations. Also, consider smaller spaces that might use a special touch, such as a bathroom.

Take snapshots of these areas on your phone. This will make shopping a little easier. It’s also important to take measurements. Measure doorways, ceilings, and details such as windows. It’s important to understand the size of the space before you head to the store.

Keep in mind that you need to purchase something to affix decorations to the various surfaces in your home. Painter’s tape, Command Hooks, or magnetic hooks are great ways to hang and avoid damage to your surfaces.

Keep centerpieces low and small. In a living room, the scale is much smaller than in a reception hall. This also keeps costs down.

Add bows to chairs. Even folding chairs can be made beautiful with a big bow. Bows are available ready made or you can save even more money and create them from any color ribbon you love.

Streamers and balloons are a great way to deliver a high impact without spending a lot of money. Fill a space with balloons in your choice of color. This gives the room a festive and fun feel. Use balloons to line a walkway coming into your home or to create an aisle for the bride and groom to walk down.

Banisters and staircases are perfect places for decorations. Their handrails make it easy to attach bows and flowers.

Because your home doesn’t have an aisle, it’s a great idea to purchase an aisle runner. This let’s guests know where the bride and groom will be saying their vows. Aisle runners are available in many colors, sizes and even patterns online.

It’s also important to create a beautiful backdrop for the vows. Use a purchased backdrop specifically designed for weddings or get creative with hanging fabric, an arbor or even a small chandelier.

Candles add a cozy glow to any space and can be purchased in bulk. Add them to any space to make it feel special and warm. Place them around tables, around the ceremony location or on the couple’s table to create a focal point.

Christmas lights also add a special glow. They can be purchased inexpensively at super stores and online. If you know the date of your celebration far enough in advance, you can shop end of season sales.

Photos are an amazing way to decorate a space for a wedding. Use photos from the couple’s childhood, courtship and engagement. Place them around the room. They are not only decorations but conversation pieces.

Clear the areas of your home where the celebration will take place of any unnecessary clutter. Remove items that are precious, sentimental or breakable.

Keep in mind that the food you are serving will act as a decoration on it’s own. Cupcakes, wedding cake, serving platters and glassware will all add to the festive decor in your home. Create a gift area and once presents are added, the area becomes even more celebratory.

Use room dividers to cover up anything you want kept out of sight. Create custom signs to direct guests to the rooms where the festivities will be taking place. Let guests know where the facilities are located, what time the celebration will begin and where to place their belongings.

A home wedding can be beautiful and special. Plan ahead, shop smart and get creative!

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