Throwing A Card Shower

If you know someone that lives far away, needs cheering up or has a big life event coming up, a card shower is the perfect way to celebrate. A card shower shows the recipient just how much they are loved and celebrated through receiving cards at their home.

Throwing A Card Shower

If a bride to be is living away from her friends and family, or someone is having a baby on the other side of the country, a card shower is an amazing way to celebrate. It’s something special to celebrate someone you love and cards are cost effective.

A card shower is a shower of cards that arrive at the doorstep of the celebrated person. The planning process is critical to the success and size of the event.

Everyone loves getting letters and cards in the mail. The art of postal mail has been lost and sometimes it’s easy to dread getting the mail. A card shower is a welcome and wonderful surprise for anyone.

Determine the date you want cards to arrive by. When people are mailing, they won’t all arrive on one day, unless you hand deliver them. However, make sure participants understand the delivery time frame and goal.

If you are aiming for a specific date, such as a birthday, make sure everyone knows that. Also, check that there will be mail delivery on that date. Look at a calendar to make sure it doesn’t fall on a holiday or a Sunday.

Also, make sure, if possible, that the recipient, gets their mail frequently enough and without difficulty. For example, if they rent a P.O. Box, do they have the ability to get there frequently?

Sit down and make a list of those you think would like to participate. Then, gather email addresses and send out a message to them. Give people at least a few weeks notice in order to plan accordingly. If someone doesn’t have access to email, simply give them a call.

Decide if you are just going to invite friends and family or if you are going to involve the community. If you want to involve the community, consider taking out an ad in the local newspaper. If someone is well loved in their community and they want a way to celebrate them, a card shower is the perfect option. Involving the whole community can drastically increase the number of cards the recipient receives.

Use social media to invite participants. Places like Facebook and Twitter are great places to gain participants.

If you don’t want to publish the recipient’s address publicly, consider renting a P.O.Box at a local post office. Or, have all of the cards mailed to you, then ship them together via mail, UPS or Fed Ex. Either way, get ready for the cards!

Make sure all participants have the recipient’s most up to date address so that items are delivered correctly and on time.

One of the great benefits of a card shower is that no one person is financially responsible for the party. The cost for a card and shipping is usually under $5. The impact of receiving dozens or even hundreds of cards unexpectedly? Priceless!


  1. Christie Smith says

    Throw a birthday card shower for my Grandmothers 91st birthday. Her birthday is May 29th. She loves to get cards so my step Mom had me create this page.
    Mary Milstead
    413 Austin Ave.
    Staunton Va. 24401

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