My Night Time Routine

I sat down to write this blog post about my morning routine to tell you what I do in the morning.  I very quickly realized that my morning routine depends highly on my night time routine, so I’ll tell you about that!  These are the steps I take before I go to bed and once I get up in the morning to have as successful and productive of a day as possible.

My Night Time Routine

I love my morning coffee.  I use a single cup coffee brewer like this one from Melitta.  I add in the required filter and fill it with coffee grounds and place it on a mug.  I make sure my electric kettle has enough water in it.  When I come “to the office” in the morning, I simply turn on the kettle and add creamer to my cup. Everything else is ready to go for me.  It takes me less than a minute to prep this, but NOT having to do it first thing in the morning feels great.  I also keep all of these items (kettle, coffee supplies, mugs, etc) close to each other so it’s an easy set up.

I lay out my clothes the night before.  Even if I’m working from home and wearing yoga pants, NOT having to make the decision of what to put on first thing in the morning is worth it.  I take out everything I’m wearing, right down to sock and shoes so it’s just a matter of putting it all on my body.  Usually, my two dogs are dancing around me wanting to go play and making this process more difficult than it should be.

The next step is the biggest and best thing I do for myself all day long.  Before I leave my office area, I write down a list of what I have to tackle the next day.  I make sure I’ve included appointments, business ideas to take action on AND personal items. Going through my to do list and making sure I’ve written everything down helps me to get up and hit the ground running the next day.  I don’t have to sit at my desk in the morning and figure out what to do first.  I’ve already set my priorities.

I don't have to sit at my desk in the morning and figure out what to do first. I've already set my priorities. Click To Tweet

One of the things I make sure to include on my list every single day is something that will help me meet my long term goals.  For example, if I’m working on releasing a new digital product, I put down an activity that gets me closer to my release date such as; writing, editing, graphic creation, marketing and so on. Without taking the time to work towards future goals every single day, it’s easy to have them get lost in the daily shuffle.

Once I head to bed I take some time to decompress.  I use an essential oil diffuser, usually with lavender oil and I turn that on and then sit down to read a few pages and or journal.  Either way, the time I take for me ensures I clear my mind and can get a good night’s rest.  (Another post on this coming soon!)


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