Clear Your Mind With These Easy Steps

A cluttered mind is just as bad as a cluttered desk or a cluttered home.  It makes it difficult to concentrate, hard to get things done and overall, life is more stressful.  Even though your to do list won’t miraculously clear itself, there are some steps you can take to clear your mind.  These are steps I teach to my clients and practice personally.

Even though your to do list won't miraculously clear itself, there are some steps you can take to clear your mind. Click To Tweet

1.  ALWAYS have a notebook with you.  Pick a small, durable notebook that you love and carry it with you all the time.  Instead of a million little sticky notes or pieces of paper, keep all your lists in one spot.  You;ll never have to dig through a bag or a desk drawer again if everything is in one spot from the start.

Clear Your Mind

2.  Have more than one list.  If you wrote down everything you needed to do you’d probably use a whole notebook.  However, it’s wiser to divide up your necessary tasks into items that need to do be done today, this week, this month and so on.

3.  Use a planner.  If you aren’t using a planner how can you POSSIBLY keep track of everything you havePeanuts Planner going on?  Combine appointments, tasks, to do lists, shopping lists, calls to make and chores and it’s a recipe for stress, over working and running late.  The act of sitting down and writing out your tasks can be soothing.  It’s not difficult and takes just a few minutes.  However, it will give you an understanding and an awareness of your available time.  I love the Peanuts Planner by Moleskine.  PLENTY of spae to write down everything I need to.  However, the comic book theme appeals to the kid in me and makes every day seem a little more FUN.

4.  Dream big.  You know those long term projects you’ve ben putting off and aren’t ever sure you’ll have time for?  Write them down.  Putting them on paper gives them purpose.  Then, decide if they are worth the time required to pursue them or if you should let them go.  Always wanted to write a book?  Start thinking about the steps you need to take to accomplish that goal.  A notebook is a great place for these lists, thoughts and planning.  Even if you only have a few minutes every few days, this allows you to visualize your life a little differently.

5.  Journaling is under rated.  People thing that writing down your thoughts and feelings is something only teenage girls do.  However, it’s during these times of quiet reflection that you can really understand your priorities, goals and long term actions.  I love having a beautiful book by my bed or in my bag so that I can write down all the inspirations as they come to me.  It’s the perfect way to gain clarity through all of the life’s clutter.

Alice In WonderlandI love this Moleskine book as a journal.  Alice in Wonderland inspired the imagination and will help you think about life’s possibilities.   The journal is hard bound and open completely flat so you can write anywhere. I love the illustrations throughout the book.  (I can’t stand it when it’s just the cover that’s decorated.) It stays closed with an elastic band AND there’s a book mark to hold your place.  All of these features make it fast and easy to write on the go and to find some whimsy while you’re doing so.  Oh and there are card themed stickers in the back of the book.  You’re never too old for stickers.  Have a super here in your life?  Give them the Batman Edition.

Don’t forget the pen!  Do good while putting your creative thoughts to paper with help of the MoleMoleskineRedPenskine (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Pen.  The Moleskine (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Click Ball Pen is the perfect match for the Moleskine notebook, designed specifically to clip onto the side of its classic hard cover.  It’s adorable, writes well and is refillable.  5% of the Suggested Retail Price of this item will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS – which could provide over 1 day of life-saving medication.


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