What To Do When You Have To Much To Do

You wake up and you sit down at your computer.  Your email fills up (even more) in front of your eyes. You glance at your planner and it’s full of necessary appointments.  Finally, you glance at your to-do list and it too is full….so where do you start and what do you do first?

What to do when you have too much to do

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  1.  Do things with deadlines first.  If you owe your boss a proposal or you need to prepare for a meeting, tackle those projects first.  While they may seen intimidating, it’s important that you give yourself as much time as possible for these tasks.  If something comes up in the middle of your preparation, you still have a little cushion of time to get them done within.
  2. Do the items you have been putting off.  Now this step has two parts.  If you’re been putting something off for a long time, what is the reason?  Often, it’s because you don’t really want to tackle that project.  If it’s something you can let go, give yourself permission to do so.  If you need to do it, tackle it now.  The relief of it being done will free up your time (and mind) to tackle other items.
  3. The third step is a little more intense.  This step requires you to think about your life goals.  Are you trying to buy a house?  Get a promotion? Spend more time with your kids?  once you’ve identified what you really want to accomplish in your life, think about how every activity on your to do list relates.  If there are items on there that just don’t serve your purpose, get rid of them.  While this is easier said than done, it’s all about living your best life, TODAY.  If you have to live with a little less money, so be it.  Your kids want your time, your body wants to be healthy and your partner wants your support.  Think about your whole life and how it relates to your to do list.  What can you get let go?

Bonus tips:

Budget time for the things that WILL come up and take away time.  For example, your scanner could break, a co-worker may need your assistance, your child may get sick and need to have you home with them a day.  If you leave things to the last minute, you’re tempting fate that something else will get in the way.

Consider what time of day you work best.  If you’re a morning person, tackle the most difficult items then. If you are tired in the afternoon, save that time for admin work that doesn’t require a lot of brain power.


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