Cute and Safe With Ziploc

I love gifting and storing in Ziploc all season long.  Not only are they cute and festive, they allow me to gift and give without worry of getting a dish or pan back in time to gift and give again.

Available in freezer, storage, sandwich and snack varieties, Ziploc® brand Bags with Easy Open Tabs help multi-tasking mavens by containing all of their seasonal items, from holiday cookies to organizing craft materials for holiday school projects.

Ziploc bags

Store wrapping materials or soft sided ornaments in Ziploc bags to keep them together.

Ziploc® brand Containers with One Press Seal are designed to be nested within each other when empty and stacked when full. Available in several shapes and sizes, these containers allow you to store a wide array of food and household items.

Ziploc® brand containers come in all shapes and sizes, each with a unique ability to seal, lock, stack, nest and travel with ease. Now available in festive colors.

Bottle brush trees in Ziplic

These little bottle brush trees need protecting. I like that the clear container also allows me to see them.

I love organizing with Ziploc.  They are perfect for small decorations that I need to keep safe.  Great for ornaments too!  They stay protected in the container and you can easily tuck lots of small containers into a larger one for storage.  

Baking holiday cookies or bringing treats? Transport them safely with Ziploc® brand containers. The One Gold Ziploc with CookiesPress Seal makes it easy to close and the new space-saving design allows for easy stacking and nesting so there’s plenty of room for holiday leftovers!

Protect your holiday leftovers with Ziploc® brand. Each bag Decorating Supplieslocks out freezer burn and features our Easy Open Tabs so you can enjoy more of your delicious family favorites. Plus, these tough, durable bags feature our Smart Zip Plus® seal, which protects food from freezer burn. Now available in a wintry snowflake design!

These are great to give small gifts in, bring cookies to a party (cookie exchanges too!), and even store ornaments.  Stock up because you’ll find a million uses for Ziploc storage.

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