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I love the holidays.  I mean I really love the holidays.  I’m one of those irritating people who start singing Christmas carols Thanksgiving night and get giddy when I see the decorations arrive in stores.  However, I really kind of loathe the STUFF that comes with Christmas.  We all start shopping for gifts just to have something wrapped under the tree and to give more than we did last year.  Often, we stop caring if the gifts are perfect, environmentally friendly or even something the recipient can use.  Every year I share with you a list of clutter free gifts.  These are gifts that can be purchased and given without taking up space in someone’s home.  My goal is to not avoid creating clutter, a burden on the environment or a burden on someone’s home.  Here are my picks.

6 Clutter Free Gifts

BonBonBonI can’t promise you I don’t love these chocolate because of their name-BonBonBon.  However, I can tell you they taste like nothing you’ve ever had before.  They are handcrafted and some of THE most amazing chocolates I’ve ever had. Their presentation is unique…a filling placed in a delicate open chocolate cup. Not only are these an amazing gift for friends, family and teachers, they are the perfect compliment to your holiday party.  Order yourself a batch and put these out with dessert. People will be talking about them for years to come.  That is IF they make it to the party and you don’t eat them all before hand.  They are THAT good.  Check out BonBonBon’s whole line of chocolates here.

There isn’t much more useful than a great mug.  Lovell Hill Pottery’s Coffee Mug is hand crafted in the old

Photo courtesy of Lovell Hill Pottery

Photo courtesy of Lovell Hill Pottery

tradition of Maine pottery.  It’s hand crafted, stunning and feels amazing in your hand.  Use this mug every morning and it will brighten the start of your day.  Gift one to teachers, friends and relatives.  Add in some tea bags or gourmet coffee and you have a one of a kind, amazing gift that the recipient will love and use all year through.  Support small business by shopping at Lovell Hill Pottery!

Frisky FreshFrisky Fresh is luxury in a small bottle.  These amazing essential oil blends come in a glass roll on bottle.  (Easy to apply-no mess!).  Choose from lots of scents….each with properties that can destress, relax, energize or even relieve headaches.  These are perfect to travel with or keep in your purse every day.  Roll these on your pulse points to pivot your whole perspective.  And since they are consumable, they make a great gift for someone.  Gift yourself a set as well 🙂


If there was a way to “win” gift giving, this would be it.  Turn an old home movie on VHS into a viewable DVD.  ScanMyPhotos will turn any VHS tape into a DVD you can pop into your home player and watch. VHS tapes not only degrade over time, players are almost impossible to find now.  Before you can never watch those tapes ever again, it’s time to transfer them.  The best part if that you can take one home movie, have multiple DVDs made and gift it to the whole family. This is an amazing, thoughtful and meaningful gift.  And it’s affordable too.  They also restore photos, scan photos and much more.

A candle is something everyone loves.  Make it a soy candle from Aurorae and it’s even better.  Aurorae’s Aurorae Candlecollection of eco-friendly aromatherapy candles come with the intention of helping you concentrate on a particular state of mind while meditating or creating a calm personal space in your bedroom, bathroom, office or living space. Light the candle, breathe, and focus with an open mind. The scents are not overpowering and non-toxic. Each 6.8oz 100% soy wax scented candle comes with a short meditation and a pledge specifically for that scent.

SucculentPlants are an amazing gift. They are beautiful like flowers but last for so much longer!  This year give something that will last.  I love the Succulent Selection at Pro Flowers.  (They have lots of other plants as well.  Of course, they also sell flowers!) If you’re traveling, place your order before you leave and schedule it to arrive at your destination.  If you can’t make it to someone this holiday season, send them something instead.  This is a great way to give a gift they will love and will brighten their home, not become clutter!

BONUS Idea: Everyone needs a phone case.  Why not make it personal?  SkinIt’s phone cases come on a variety of shapes and sizes.  They can be purchased with a preprinted design, such as your favorite sports team or character.  However, I LOVE their custom cases.  Pick out your favorite photo and have it printed on a case to fit the recipient’s phone.  This is a great way to give them something they will use, and see, every single day.  When using a custom photo, you know no one else will duplicate this gift!

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