After Christmas Tips

That’s it, the big day has gone by.  Hard to believe huh?  Now it’s time to focus on cleaning up, putting away, doing the returns and making the most of sales.  Before you head out to the stores and go crazy, here are a few tips and ideas to keep in mind.

1.  Take a photo id with you. Many places prevent fraud by asking for this now.  It’s common practice so make sure you have it on hand and ready to go.

2.  Most stores are a little bit more lax about holiday returns. So, while you should wait forever, it’s okay to not take part in the after Christmas rush and return items in a week or so.

3.  Stock up on holiday items.  Obviously, the holiday decorations are on sale now.  You do have to buy early to make sure you get what you want.  However, markdowns will increase as time goes on.  Just make sure you know what you already have, and set limits when you visit the store.  Also, make sure you have a PLACE for these items and a location to store them until next year.  If you are looking for new lights or even a new artificial tree, after Christmas shopping will get you the best deals.

After Christmas Tips


4.  One in seven people return a gift during the holiday season.  Make sure you that you know the return polices of the gifts you buy and give.

5.  If you are planning on returning something, read the receipt (if you have it).  Often the back of the receipt gives you valuable information.  Also, it’s a good idea to visit the store’s website and view their return policy.  Many stores even have special information listed around the holidays for returns.

6.  When possible, try to bring the item back with it’s original packaging, tags attached, box it was shipped in etc.

7.  Many stores even offer pre paid return shipping labels now.  While it will take a little longer to receive your return, you don’t have to go far or deal with crowds.



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