Three Things You Can Accomplish In Bed

You’ve got a lot of things on your to do list.  However, you just want to stay in bed.  It is possible to accomplish things under the covers.  I’ve gathered a few things for you to tackle without having to take off those comfy pjs or put your feet on the cold floor.



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Write It Down

So often we have a million things racing through our mind.  If you start to write those things down, you can get them off your of mind.  This frees up your mental space for other more important things.  Grab a notebook and start writing.  Make a list for things that need to be done today, this week, this month, wish list tacks and so on.  Here’s a quote I love about the importance of writing things down:

“What gets written down gets attended to.  And what gets attended to gets done.” -Unknown

Run Errands

Okay so you can’t really run errands from your bed.  However, you can accomplish the same tasks.  Instead of spending over an hour driving to the grocery store, shopping, packing up the car, and unloading, use a grocery delivery service.  For a fee usually less then $10, they will allow you to pick out your groceries and have them delivered to your door.  It does impact your grocery budget.  However, how much is your time worth?

Take a Course

You don’t have to enroll in college to learn something new.  Lots of website offer courses that will teach you everything from how to frost a cake to start a website.  Check out website such as Atly and Brit + Co. for lots of affordable options.  I try and teach myself something new at least every few months.  I just took a course in creating Printables with Excel from I Heart Planners.  Work from bed, I won’t tell.


Okay this may seem obvious.  However, we often race through our day, each and every day, and rarely take time for ourselves.  Getting over tired make every task seem harder.  Take it easy on yourself and catch a little extra shut eye once in a while.

What do you like to accomplish from bed?

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