Behind The Scenes At My Baby Shower

After what seems like years of planning and anticipation, my baby shower has already come and gone.  It was a group effort and everyone who helped out deserves an Olympic medal.  It was a feat to pull it off, especially since we moved into the house less than 30 days prior to the party!  I wanted to share with you some of the special details that made the day amazing.

Behind The Scenes At My Baby Shower

Let me first tell you about the theme of the shower.  Matt and I are avid hikers and campers and this shower was going to be a co-ed event so I was looking for something that wouldn’t be too “girly”.  We also decided on the name Sylvanus for our little one.  It’s a family name and means King of The Forrest.  So, an outdoor/camping theme just made sense.  I gave the idea to my good friend from high school and she ran with it.


This is an actual pair of baby hiking shoes made by Keen.  We used them in our baby announcement and they were perfect for the shower.


For favors, I wanted something that was consumable.  I didn’t want to give people clutter or something they just wouldn’t use.  Edibles are always a good idea.  I reached out to my good friend, The Cookie Girl and she made some of the cutest cookies you’ve ever seen.  There were backpacks, compasses, owl, bears and more. You hated to eat them because they were so cute.  However, they were too delicious not to.  Shower3

These centerpieces were one of my favorite elements.  They look expensive.  However, the vases were reused from my friend’s wedding two years prior.  She added burlap ribbon and a camping themed ribbon over that.  She cut them to size and used a hot glue gun to hold them in place.  Then, she added a small wooden cutout from a craft store.  The flowers are from Costco.  We went out the day before and bought three bouquets and divided them up.Shower5

I can’t even begin to tell you the planning that went into this table. The name was made up of cardboard letters purchased at a craft store.  She then wrapped them in twine and hot glued them together.  Since she wanted a place for them to sit on, she had her husband cut down a small tree and then screw the letter into it.  (I’m just going to say….we all want that one friend in our life who will cut down a tree to decorate for your shower!)

The plates, bowls and utensils were all made of recycled materials and were purchased on Amazon.  The straws looked like birch trees, and the little lanterns actually WORK.  (We didn’t turn them on since it was 95 degrees outside.)

The banner above the table is made of burlap and hand painted to say Baby Silas.  I’ll be hanging this in the nursery.  The center of the banner has a camping motif on it made with stickers that have been glued on.


The garland you see here I found online at a store called Magic Cabin.  They are made up of little felt animals and woodland creatures.  I loved them because they felt home made and they were light weight and easy to hang.  There are two here and they were about $10 each.  I have since reused these and made them into a mobile (you’ll see what in another post).  Shower8

I wish I could give you a tutorial on how she made these bows.  She’s a bow making rock star, with two cheerleading daughters, so her bows are perfect.


These signs came from a craft store and Jen hand lettered them with these clever sayings.  I sat between the two signs to open gifts.Shower10

This box is made from scratch and I actually cried when she showed it to me.  It was assembled with a wooden badge from a craft store, burlap, red, striped, and camping themed ribbon and then we made the Mom To Be saying with my Silhouette machine.  It attached to my dress with a magnet so there was no hole in my dress!

The table cloths came from TJMaxx.  She ran around and found multiple matching cloths in multiple sizes.


These little signs came from a craft store and Jen embellished them with camping themed stickers, and burlap.


The little birch candle holders were perfect and I’m going to use them in the nursery as a night light of sorts.  The tea lights inside are battery operated.Shower15

These stickers make the custom banner simply perfect.

This little wooden miniature was hand painted by my friend.  She found it at a craft store and made it into the adorable piece you see here.  I’m going to purchase a light bulb and cord, cut a hole in the back of it and make a night light.

I took a lot of photos of the decorations, and not a lot of the food.  We had BBQ food including mac and cheese, biscuits, pulled pork, and lots of other yummy goodness.  Just like at a wedding, I was too busy to eat much.  We also had a trail mix station with lots of goodies in it.  Again, I missed out on that as I was visiting with all of the friends and family who were celebrating with us.  If I find more pictures, I will be sharing those too.

Overall, it was an amazing day and we had friends and family travel a long way to celebrate our new arrival with us.  We feel very blessed indeed.

Here’s a look at some of the supplies we used to create these looks and a big thank you to Blitsy Crafts for some of the supplies!

The Walnut Hollow Country Round was the perfect stand for food.  It’s sturdy and durable so you can use this gem over and over again.

These little chalk boards were perfect to label food, favors and other items for guests.  I used a Chalk Ink Marker with them and afterwards, washed them off.  They can be reused for another event.

I created thank you gifts for a few people to take home with them.  These wooden tags were on theme and made adorable identification markers.  I used permanent markers to decorate them.

This wooden sign was one of my favorite items. We used it to mark the location of the party out by the mail _MRD9859box.  It set the rustic tone for the whole event and looked perfect.  Like most of the other supplies, it can be used over and over again for different events and different themes.

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