Nursery Tour

I’ll admit, this wasn’t a post I was going to do.  However, when people found out we were expecting, I started to get some questions about how I was going to organize the nursery and if I would be writing about it.  And so, I decided I would share my process with you.

Nursery Tour

The Walls

The space was a blank slate to start.  We painted the walls in two colors; Adriatic Sea and Chantilly Lace, both my Benjamin Moore.  My husband added the chair rail and we were set to get organized.

The artwork was pieced together.  I found the Seek Adventure piece at Target for $15 and another at Home Goods for $7.  I can’t find the latter online anymore, but it’s made by Primitives by Kathy.

The two prints on the sides are by a company called Lucy Darling.  I can’t get enough of her baby gear.  I have purchased her baby book (more on this in a coming post), and I have the “first holiday” stickers (you’ll see these in the future as well…and these two prints were just perfect for the space.

Wall Decor

The Happy Camper print can be seen on the left and the Let’s Play Outside print can be seen on the right.  I added inexpensive frames and voila, little works of art fit for the king on the forest.   Lucy Darling has a whole line up of prints fit for your child’s room.  They are high quality, available in two sizes, and arrive at your doorstep ready to frame.  Oh and they are AFFORDABLE!


The little paddle was actually mine as a child.  It’s over 30 years old at this point and was purchased at L.L.Bean.  It just makes me happy to look at!

The book ledges are IKEA..and called the Flisat..I saw on Pinterest that you can use IKEA’s spice ledges for books.  However, they have recently come out with this larger version and I liked the extra space and security.  You can find them here.  They cost $12.99 each.

Window Treatments

The window treatments are blackout panels, from Pottery Barn, in madras.  I fell in love with them early on….and bought them before I had anything else in place or planned out.

The Crib

The crib was a gift from my in laws and was purchased at Pottery Barn Baby.  It’s called the Marlow crib and we have it in grey.  We added some organic cotton crib sheets (from Burt’s Bees) and a crib skirt, also from Pottery Barn, in madras.Crib

The Dresser

The dresser is one we had and we will be changing it out fairly soon as we are refinishing another one.  In the meantime, I still went ahead and bought drawer organizers to organize all of his clothes, accessories, and gear.

I went with the m Design Fabric Baby Nursery Organizers in Grey.  I bought all of them on Amazon and bought the following configurations:

9 Compartments

Large, 2 Compartments

Set of 2 with 5 Compartments

Set of 2 with 4 Compartments

Set of 3 (small)

I chose these because they were a neutral color, an easy to maintain fabric, flexible, and inexpensive. There are lots of other options available too.

I added the organizers to the drawers and then set out to figure out what should go where.  The groups of items I was looking to store;


Bibs/Burp Cloths




Diapers and changing supplies

Bath Accessories

Sleep Sacks/Swaddles

Crib Sheets/Changing Pad Covers

Finding just the right spot for everything took a little bit of doing.  Of course, everything had to be washed before hand.  For the items that were new, I also had to “de-package” them.  Every time I did this I was shocked at the amount of trash and recycling I created.  This was a lengthy part of the set up process that I didn’t account for.

I’m using the dresser as a changing table so the top drawer is holding diapering supplies.  I have an extra inventory in the closet and I can refill from there.


The top drawer of the dresser is filled with all of the hats and newborn sizes.  I’ve been told my lots of moms that he won’t be in these clothes for long, but even so, I wanted to have them ready to go in the top drawer which makes them easy to grab and find in those first sleepless weeks.


The next drawer down has onsies….SO many onsies!  There are short sleeve onsies (on the right), long sleeve onsies with no legs (in the middle) and full onsies (on the left).  You can’t see the labels on the drawers in these images, but I’ve labeled them so any caregiver can find what they are looking for easily.


This drawer has some of my favorite clothes.  The items on the left are the pajamas and terry cloth onsies.  I mean baby clothes are adorable, but baby pajamas?  The amount of cute is unfair.  The items on the left are pants, shorts and little baby jackets.  There are some summer clothes in there as well.  ALL of these clothes are gifts and hand me downs, so some of the seasons are a little off, but I’ve washed and put everything away as we’ve been known to have warm October months here in New England.


This drawer contains swaddles, blankets, and burp cloths.  It’s the drawer that was the easiest to organize as everything is fairly standard size.  I may add some drawer dividers if this drawer doesn’t easily stay organized.

For added organization, I inserted Honey Can Do’s 32 Compartment Drawer Organizer.  This was perfect for tiny items like newborn onesies, socks, and more.  It would also be perfect for accessories, socks, or even jewelry in a “grown up” dresser.

The Closet

The closet system you see here was already in place when we moved in. I decided to keep it and see if I could work with it.  This room was also previously a child’s so it was hypothetically set up for a little one.

Full closet

I added some of Honey Can Do’s Kid’s Tubular hangers.  I love the mint color and they are quite durable. Of course, they are pint sized so they perfectly fit little clothes.  The notches make it easy to hang items with straps. Despite being perfect for tiny clothes, these hangers fit over any regular sized closet bar.

Kids Hangers

You’ll notice some of the smaller organizers in the closet…they are Thirty-One’s Oh Snap Bins.  I love these little bins as they are the perfect size for keeping baby’s tiny items together, but easy to grab at the same time.  Here you can see one of the bins stuffed with shoes…


The Room

The glider was a splurge…however, we bought it at an L.L.Bean outlet.  It’s made by Mitchell Gold furniture.  The blanket on top is from L.L.Bean.  The custom Silas chair was a hand made gift and the bear was also a gift we received in college.  (Our mascot was a black bear).


There were a few things that I just wanted to have out and about in the room.  This was for ease of using. Two examples of this were small toys and pacifiers.  I knew that as things got lost, dirty, or dropped on the ground, I could always grab another.

I used Honey Can Do’s Zig Zag Set of bins to store small items that would otherwise would be difficult to store.  I love that the bins are made of a durable material so that I don’t have to worry about dirt or even water.  These bins will transition nicely into toy storage down the road.  They come in a set of three.

Toys in Bin

I added some design elements.  These are our hiking poles, embellished with medallions we collected at parks we’ve visited.  These won’t stay in the room forever of course, but they are cute decorations for now.

Hiking Poles


I will be keeping this cart in the closet.  However, I rolled it out to be able to show you what it looks like.  I used to use this cart in my office for art supplies.  The rug made it a little difficult to roll, and now I have more office space so I donated this to the nursery.  It was a tough call as I wanted the cart for the pantry AND the gym.  I may have to go buy a few more.

IKEA cart

Anyway, I used the cart of items that I wanted to have on hand, but not take up drawer space with.  The top of the cart holds bibs.  Yes, we have a LOT of bibs. There are all hand me downs.  I have no idea if I will use them all, but for now, they are washed and ready to go.  The second tier is filled with crib sheets and changing table covers.  They are washed and folded and ready to grab.  The last tier holds Pack and Play sheets as well as refills for the diaper pail.  Again, everything is labeled (on the side) so people who are taking care of Baby S can find, grab, and use easily.

Part two of this tour is coming soon!



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