Nursery Tour (Part Two)

Are you ready for part two of our nursery tour?  Well, you’re in luck, because here it is!  On another note, I’m really glad I took all of these photos before Baby arrived, because the room hasn’t looked this clean since!

Nursery Tour Part Two

The Shelves

Originally I was going to have two dressers in this room.  Then, I realized that his clothes are REALLY tiny. And the closet is really big.  And there are TOYS and BOOKS.  So I adjusted my plan to include two 2×2 Kallax units from Ikea in high gloss white.  This gave me some surface space to work with as well as storage for down the road.


I had the silver lamp you see here already (NO idea where it came from…it’s THAT old).  I added a humidifier from Crane, a nightlight that I received as a gift at my shower, and some of the decor items that came from my shower.  (I’ll reuse anything I can get my hands on!).

The bins you see here are from Thirty-One.  They are called the Your Way Cube and come in lots of colors and patterns.  I’m obsessed with them because they can hold anything at all; clothes, books, toys, and even papers (or anything you want to hide).  They are lightweight enough that toddlers can move them on their own and the wide mouth allows of quick and easy clean up.  This is a perfect way to make storage cute AND functional in a cubby system, on a shelf, or even in a closet.  There’s even a spot where you can label them with chalk!


Bath Caddy

I am keeping most of Baby S’s gear in his room and closet.  However, we’ll obviously be doing bath time in another location.  In order to create an easy way to store his bath gear; soap, wash cloth, robe, close by AND make it portable, I used Thirty-One’s Creative Caddy.  Now I’m mildly obsessed with this caddy for everything from arts and crafts supplies to a first aid kit, so I had no doubt it would be perfect for this.  The adorable fox print fit in with our woodland theme perfectly.


I loved the way this came out so much I made myself a second caddy for breastfeeding.  I put everything I would need to be comfortable in the kit so that when I only have one hand, I can grab it and move around freely.  It’s a great way to keep everything contained AND under wraps.

The Accessories

I wanted the room to have a theme, but not be so far in one direction that I’d have to redo a lot of things _MRD9969down the road.  I decided to work on small details that could be replaced out down the road.  The closet knobs in this room is ugly wooden knobs and I really didn’t like looking at them, so, new knobs were a no brainer.  I found some woodland create knobs at Anthropologie of all places.  (Not where I expected to be doing nursery shopping!)  You can find the knobs here.


The Gear

I wanted to share a little bit about the gear you see in the post.  I’ll admit it’s all very carefully selected and overly researched.  As a first time parent, my research and learning time online were way overboard. So, I’m sharing with you what I found:

Essential oils are a big part of my daily routine.  I love using an oil diffuser to make a room smell great, set the mood, and really make every day feel special.  So, when I was reading about helping baby sleep, I wasn’t surprised at all that lots of mamas recommended essential oil diffusers.  I was lucky enough to try this one from InnoGear.  Not only is it beautiful, it’s an awesome diffuser.  It’s made of BPA free materials and bamboo.  There’s no heat involved in using it and you can barely hear it running.  (So it won’t wake baby!)  The unit has a soft LED light that can also be used as a night light.  There are four modes; continuous mist, interval mist, 2 hours mist time and 1 hour mist time.   Here’s the best part…it turns off automatically!  (So it doesn’t matter if I have mommy brain, this does the work for me.)  I’m planning on filling this with lavender and using it as part of our bedtime routine.


The shoes are by pediped.  They are perfect for both babies who aren’t walking and those who are already on the move.  This particular pair are the Originals Lionel Charcoal.  Learn more about pediped in another one of our blog posts here, or buy this pair here.Nursery Shelves


The pacifiers are by MAM baby.  They glow in the dark, making it easy to find them, even in the middle of the night.  I have a whole selection on hand for fear I’ll lose them.  I love that I can sanitize them right in the plastic case they come in.  Learn more here or visit MAM’s website here.

Pacifier Bin

Learn more about the adorable penguin humidifier on our blog post about it here.

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