First Weeks Survival Kit

Everyone knows the first few weeks home with a newborn are a challenge.  There are a lot of things to learn, and a lot of things to do.  I’ve found myself reaching for the same few products over and over again these first few weeks.  Some are ones I anticipated needing and wanting and others were a complete surprise.  I wanted to share with you what I’m calling my “lifesavers”.

Please note I received some of these items as samples to try to write these reviews.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.  These are the items I’ve been using with my own baby, in my own home the past few weeks.


Nursing Wear

I’m not a shy person and I consider myself liberal.  However, when it’s come to the awkwardness of learning to nurse in public, it’s been a struggle.  I don’t have it down pat like those mammas you see nursing at the mall and they barely expose themselves.  I’ve turned to Bun Maternity’s line of clothing to keep me covered and to let me feed my baby where and when I want, with confidence.  I was able to try out their Swing Tank and their Breezy Nursing Poncho. Both articles of clothing are made up of two layers.  The outer layer is discreet and you can’t even tell that there is access for nursing.  The under layer has a secret panel that allows you to remove your breast comfortably and nurse.  These tops are soft and snuggly, and look like they are from a high end designer.  They drape just like some of my other modal tees.  These are my go to tops now and quite honestly, I can’t keep up with keeping them clean so I can wear them again!

Self Care

It’s no secret that it’s hard to take care of yourself when taking care of an infant.  I’ve been making a decision, every single day, to try and take care of myself as well as the baby.  I’ve been stashing supplies all over the house in order to help me do this.  My newest favorite is Chapstick’s Mint Chocolate Chip.  Just in time for the festive season, it’s a great way to add a little fun and whimsy to your beauty routine.


I used to wake up, bright eyed and bushy tailed and hustle down to the kitchen and make myself some coffee and breakfast.  While I’m still in the kitchen, bright and early, I’m not always that energetic.  Sometimes, the sun isn’t even up yet.  I started out by making myself some coffee, which I’d reheat a half dozen times before consuming, and skipping breakfast.  However, as the weeks passed, I realized I needed to eat something, and fast.  I started making myself a Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal cup and it made all the difference in my energy and outlook on the morning.  These cups come in lots of flavors.  My favorite is blueberry and hazlenut.  They take about 3 minutes to prepare and you can eat them right out of the cup.  (The only thing you need to wash is the spoon!) The ingredients are wholesome and provide you with the energy and nutrition you need, no matter what the day ahead holds for you.


Yup, I said it…sleep.  It’s any new mom’s biggest issue.  It’s all about getting as much as you can, when you can.  What helped my baby sleep the most?  The ErgoPouch swaddle.  We tried a LOT of swaddles…we got all brands, shapes, and sizes at our baby shower.  The only one that really settled my baby was this one.  ErgoPouch was designed by a mom just like you. Melbourne, Australia-based ergoPouch was founded in 2009 by Alina Sack.  As a mother, Sack drew on her own personal experiences of sleep deprivation to come up with innovative products designed to help babies and kids get a better night’s sleep.  The award-winning ergoPouch collection includes premium quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits available from birth to 6 years of age sizing.  All ergoPouch products are made with pure natural fibers including Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Merino.  ergoPouch products offer great functionality and versatility with swaddles that can easily transition to a sleeping bag, and sleep suits that convert from bags to suits with legs for easy use from bassinet to stroller to baby carrier.  For more information visit  

Comfortable Shoes

I’m on my a feet a lot now.  Doing dishes, folding laundry, getting up for baby….I’m always on the move.  While I could throw on sneakers to keep my feet comfortable, they just don’t look very nice…I went on the hunt for adorable AND comfortable shoes.  I was fearful I was looking for a mythical creature that didn’t exist, but I came across Soft Star’s Ballerine flats.  They are made from sustainable domestic leather and come in stunning shades, like the terra cotta you see above.  They have a 4mm non stick bottom to them so you don’t have to worry about slippery floors.  However, they are so flexible and lightweight that they fit into your purse or carryon with ease.  They are super soft and they feel like slippers on your feet. However, they are still stylish enough to wear all day, even out to dinner! When I’m racing out the door in the morning, or racing after baby, these are a great option, over and over again.  You’ll find yourself loving these and ignoring the rest of your shoes.


  1. Kelly says

    Tried the Bun Maternity swing tank and the ballet flats. The oatmeal works great! Haven’t made it to sleep yet. Thank you for giving me these ideas 🙂

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