How To Bullet Journal

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about bullet journaling.  Well, it’s simply a fancy way of saying “list making”.  The idea is to keep one journal/notebook with all of the information pertinent to your life.  Think of a bullet journal as a diary meets a to do list.  It’s a way of keeping short notes to yourself to keep track of everything that’s going on in your life.  

The Art of Bullet Journaling

Choosing The Right Notebook

When picking a notebook to use as your bullet journal you want to select something large enough to hold all of your thoughts.  However, if it’s too big, you won’t take it with you during the day.  So choose wisely.  I also recommend picking something with a durable cover that can withstand being taken in and out ofimg_2653 bags frequently.  I love a hard sided book like this new one from Yoobi.  (Seen here with a set of fine tip Sharpies that come in their own stand up plastic carrying case.)


Off Your Mind and Into The Journal


The best way to start bullet journaling is to simply pick a page, write down the day’s date, and start writing.  I like to simply use dashes to designate a new line and write down the things I would like to address that day.  It’s all about getting things off your mind and onto paper. It’s a great way to start your day or to clear your head before you head to bed the night before.  There are no right or wrong things to write down and you can always cross them off later if you decide they aren’t important.  

Long Term Goals

A bullet journal is great for writing down long term projects as well. SoLong Term Items often I work with clients who have lots and lots of ideas and no place to put them.  They either forget all about them, or they have trouble focusing on other things with all of that excess information rattling around in their head.  Sometimes I write things down that I’d like to tackle long term just so I can mull them over.  Often, I decide they aren’t a project that’s worth the necessary time or monetary investment and I scratch them off.  However, I always know that I’ve captured them.

Month At A Glance

Month at a GlanceA bullet journal can also be used for a quick look at the month ahead. It’s a great way to record (And therefore not forget) all of those reoccurring items like changing filters and batteries.    I write down everything….from descaling the Keurig to changing smoke detector batteries.  I’d rather have to cross something off a list then to let it fall between the cracks.  

Create a Key

Create A Key

If you want to up your bullet journaling game, create a key for the items you’re writing down.  I use a simple key, shown here…to record the items on my lists.  They are just simple reminders to be of what needs to be done in order to cross the item off my list entirely.  Sometimes, I need to check my calendar (or my husband’s), delegate the task, make a call, etc.  This helps me not only see the time that will be required for each of these items, but see how I can group like tasks together to stay on track and save time.


Some of my favorite pens to use are the Paper Mate Flair pens, Fine Point Sharpies, and my newest favorite….Paper Mate InkJoy Pens.   Shop the Yoobi notebooks you see here and lots more on their new arrivals site.  

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