February’s Favorite Finds

It’s been a while since I’ve brought you a favorite things round up, and I’ve been getting a lot of requests…so here goes!  I’ve been getting pickier and pickier on what I share with you and I know all too well how precious your time is.  SO, I’m only bringing you things I’m in love with and using in my own home.  I did receive samples of some of these items in order to be able to write the reviews, but these items are worth your time, I promise!

February Favorite Finds

Fuzzy Felties

This might be my favorite discovery of 2017 thus far.  This Etsy store will take an image of your beloved pet and make it into an adorable felt figurine.  These are super affordable, and perfectly personalized so that every recipient will be thrilled.  I was shocked at the resemblance of my border collie, Roxy.  My husband was thrilled with the result and ran to put it on his desk.  This is a gift that every pet owner will love and cherish and NO one else will give them!  I promise you, you’ll want to order one for yourself as well.  Order soon, as she fills up and custom orders take time!  Visit her Etsy store here.

Eco Eggs

Okay stop rolling your eyes at me.  I know it’s only February.  BUT Easter is fast approaching and this is the first year I have someone to color eggs with!  I’m overly excited and was so thrilled to find Eco Eggs, an eco friendly egg coloring kit made in Portland, Maine!   This kit allows families to easily and beautifully dye Easter eggs using only natural ingredients. Includes three natural dyes (orange, blue, and purple), a color chart for creating six different colors, and instructions for creating beautiful eggs with colors from nature.  The dyes have been created from the following natural ingredients made from 100% pure plant, fruit and vegetable extracts, such as beets, spinach, blueberries, and carrots.

Kit includes:

  • 3 powder-based coloring packets
  • eco-crayon for decorating eggs prior to dipping
  • grass seed
  • 2 eco-coconut husk pucks
  • color chart and instructions

Now includes grass growing kit on which to display your finished eggs!

One kit of eco-eggs will dye several dozen eggs, so get together with another family and have an egg dyeing party!

Hugo And Friends

In a world that can often be unkind, a special book to help teach kids the value of being nice to one another.  Hugo and Friends: Nice to be Nice But Nicer to be Nicer, is just the book you’re looking for.  The book is filled with bright photos and a sweet message about being kind.  Gift your child’s teacher with this book so the whole class can enjoy it.  I love the poetry inspired words that leave you smiling.

Get Carded

popupWhen you’re moving into a new place, house warming gifts can make you feel welcomed.  However, when you are living among boxes of stuff and chaos, one more thing to find a place for can be daunting.  I like to give a home made baked good as a house warming present and pair it with an awesome card.  The baked good allows them to have a treat while unpacking and in many cases, they don’t have their kitchen put together yet or time to bake. Add a unique card, like the ones I found from LovePop and your gift will be memorable and unique.  Their cards are unlike anything you’ve gifted before.  Their pop ups are detailed and whimsical.  I love that this can be used as a display piece going forward or kept in a folder, whatever the recipient desires.  Check out this housewarming card on their website.  However, stick around for all of the other cards…they have one for just about every occasion!

Baby You Make Me Smile

The Pure Baby Toothbrush by Radius.  I use Radius toothbrushes for myself and my husband.  So it was a natural progression that I’d use them for Baby S as well.  They are BPA and dye free.  They are also recyclable, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA.  I feel good about letting Baby S use this every day. The bristles are safe and sensitive and designed for small mouths.  The handle is easy to hold for both you AND baby too!


FACE Atelier’s lipstick is one of my favorite brands.  They are not only long lasting, despite the many cups of coffee I consume, they are hydrating.  I cannot stand the dry feeling lots of lipsticks leave and this is the opposite.  At the end of the day, my lips feel soft.  Their lipsticks come in lots of colors as well as matte, stain, and frost finishes.   They are also cruelty free which is super important to me.  They have lots of other great goodies too.  Check out their lip putty to get rid of fine lines and their lip lock to seal in color.


You can’t get rid of wrinkles before you make it out the door in the morning.  However, you can disguise them with DHC’s Quick Film Smoother.  The moisturizer goes on easily and hides the appearance of fine lines.  It provides a soft, smoothing base for the rest of your makeup.  If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, this is a multi-tasking product that allows you to skip some of those other steps, like concealer. Save time and look great….hard to believe, but the secret is in this tube.

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