Making (And Saving) Baby’s Memories

I’ve been working with parents for a long time on how to store, sort, keep, and memorialize their baby’s clothing.  While the outfits are tiny, their meaning is anything but.  Now that I have my own little one, I understand all too well how difficult it can be to get rid of clothing, even though you know it won’t be used again.  I’ve been doing really well at donating and passing along MOST of Baby S’s clothing.  However, I’ve been keeping a piece here and there for sentimental reasons.  And now, I’ve found just what to do with them.  IMG_3104

The Patchwork Bear turns your baby’s clothing, or your clothing, race tees, fraternity tees, etc, into adorable stuffed animals (or tote bags).  Here’s how it works:  You purchase a kit on their website, then send them the specified number of clothing pieces.  From there, they create an adorable, and beautifully crafted, stuffed animal.



I had a teddy bear made.  I love that every area of him was made of a different material and items were used in the cutest way possible.  For example, one of the bear’s feet is a penguin from one of our favorite sets of fleece penguin pajamas.

They can even embroider a name on the bear for you.  As you can see, we had them write Sylvanus on our bear.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to let him play with the bear (probably not), but for right now, he’s hanging out in the nursery, looking adorable.

I intend on having a few of these made as gifts for the special people in Silas’s life. I also intend to buy the gift kit as a baby shower gift going forward.  These are the perfect way to see, honor, and cherish those special clothes that will never be worn again.

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