One Year Wonders

I can’t believe my little is almost a year old.  I also can’t believe the amount of STUFF we’ve gone through already.  There is SO.  MUCH.  STUFF.  We have donated and handed me down so many bags and boxes and I still feel like there’s so much.  I will say, I thought I had a good handle on what I would use and love, but as he grew older, even our tried and true favorites changed.  So what are we loving right now?  Read on.

Please note we received samples of some of these items in order to be able to write these reviews.  Our opinions are our own and these are truly items we are using in our own home.

We are currently loving MAM’s new pacifier.  It’s designed to be thinner and more flexible than other pacifiers on the market.  Why is that awesome?  It is more soothing for baby, but it also allows for more room to grow and the risk of misalignment is reduced (In fact it’s been called the “tooth friendliest” pacifier out there!)  I LOVE the glow in the dark feature.  No more fumbling in the dark! The new MAM Perfect and MAM Perfect Night pacifiers are available exclusively in Babies “R” Us stores nationwide and online


Any parent knows that pouches just might be the greatest invention since the baby monitor. NurturMe’s pouches take it to the next level.  Their Power Blend Purees are certified-organic, non-GMO and kosher with gluten-free options.  They have no added sugar, sats, preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring.  These little pouches can go anywhere and are filled with the nutrition that can be difficult to get in a busy, on the go lifestyle.  I wish adult eating was this easy!  I love these for road trips, hiking, and honestly, every darn day.   Follow them on Facebook!


I remember wishing for the day my little would walk.  Now, I sometimes long for five minutes that he would sit still.  I will say that don’t worry about the shoes I have on his feet.  We love Pediped. Not only are they so darn cute, they are perfect for beginning walkers.  All pediped® Originals feature leather soles.  They will LAST.  We’ve outgrown a few pairs already and they still look brand new.  They are slip resistant and non toxic….all while allowing your little one to move comfortably and still feel the grown beneath them.  .

Babo Botanicals

There’s nothing I cherish more than a little pampering.  And what I use to call daily maintenance, I now call pampering.   Babo Botanical’s 3-in-1 Face, Hands & Body Wipes are amazing for the times I’m racing from my workout to work, to pick up the baby, and everything in between.  I love that they are gentle on my skin, and even gentle enough for the baby.  They are soft and smell amazing, while not being overpowering.  I love the easy to carry container as well.

Babo Botanicals also just released some awesome lip tints.  These tints are just what I need as a busy mom.  They condition like a treatment, but they tint like makeup.  They also provide SPF 15 protection.  As always with Babo, they are all natural.  I am unforgivingly carrying all three shades on me this summer.  Some days, it’s the only makeup I wear.


For a baby on the go b.Box is a must.  I just got to try out two more of their products!  Their new Smock Smock bib by b.boxBib is just what we need now that mealtime has gotten a bit messier.  It covers both arms and when he’s sitting down, his legs as well.  It’s water proof, machine washable, and BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.  I love that it folds up into a tiny ball for travel and it’s just darn cute.  I plan on using this for art time too.

We’re also using b. Box’s Snack Pack a lot this summer.  It has two separate compartments so I can pack puffs and fruit without either disturbing the others.  There’s even a little spoon o the top!  It’s great for little fingers and fits awesome in a lunch bag.  Of course, it’s BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

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