Cooking Up Some Love

When I sat down to write this year’s Valentine’s Day gift guide I was drawn to one spot over and over again, the kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the home and cooking is such a romantic task.  We do it day after day, as a sign of love for our families.  I wanted to see if I could find a way to make it a little more special for even the busiest of weeknights, and I’m pretty darn happy with what I found. Here are some small items that will brighten your Valentine’s Day, and their kitchen, day after day.

Please note I received samples of some of these items to test out in order to be able to write this post.  My opinions are my own and I only bring you items I truly love and use.

Heart Coquettes.  These adorable ceramic coquettes are perfect for the whole family.  They are great for dessert making, but you can also make mini casseroles in them!  I tried out mini egg dishes, mini meatloaves, and of course, chocolate pudding.  These are durable, oh so cute, and beautiful to display when not in use.

Cookie Cutters.  Nothing is sweeter than home made cookies and these Valentine’s Day cookie cutters are perfect to show the one you love just how you feel.  There are four shapes; double heart, heart with arrow, lips and XO.  They are copper plated so they are just as durable as they are beautiful.

Utensils.  This may seem super silly, but I have a thing for adorable cooking utensils.  It’s my way of making the every day beautiful.  I don’t like a lot of clutter in my home, so the decor is kept to a minimum.  However, a whimsical cooking spatula will make me smile, AND help me prepare a meal.  What’s better than that?  This wooden spoon with a heart cut out is just so sweet you’ll want to use it every day.  However, my favorite is this spatula with all the love on it.


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    This is the first visit to your website. I am interested in the printables but was unable to complete the form. The “human” affirmation was expired? The Captcha token did not work correctly. How can I find the printables to follow up?


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