How To Start Your Day

One of the most common questions I’m asked is what the first task of the day should be. And yes, it’s important to choose wisely. How you start your day sets the tone and sets your personal expectations for the day ahead. Now, the pressure is on….how do you pick?

Obviously, coffee first. Then, think about what the most important thing you can do for the whole day is. That’s where you should start. This could be the item that will make the most money for you (like sales calls), the item that has been on your list the longest, or the item that is the most difficult. Sometimes, the item fits all three of these criteria.

The reason for starting the day this way is that everything else will seem easier by comparison. The rest of the day will seem like easy sailing and who doesn’t love that?

The other key to having a successful day ahead? Planning it out the night before. Being able to hit the ground running means that you have set your tasks and priorities for yourself before you wake up in the morning. This means spending just five minutes in the evening or before you leave the office writing down what you need to tackle the next day.

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