Eat-Laugh-Talk (A Book Review)

Family dinner is like a unicorn…..we all love them, but they seem to elusive. Between homework, sports and errands, it’s HARD to get a real dinner on the table and sit with your family. Well, this book demystifies it all for you and is going to allow you to adopt that unicorn and have her over for dinner every single night.

With creative ideas about ways to spend time together this book really helps busy families get the most out of eating a meal together. For example, if you are always at practice in the evenings, making family dinner impossible, why not have family BREAKFAST? (I know…mind blowing right?!?)

The book is broken up into weeks. While you can read it all in one sitting, you can also digest it on a weekly basis and implement the ideas one at a time. This makes it more manageable. It’s also a great way to see what works for your family and then you are able to make adjustments accordingly.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the books awesome recipes. They are easy to make, beautifully displayed and (you guessed it) family friendly. There are some variations on time honored favorites and I promised you’re going to find some new go to items in here as well. None of these recipes are going to break the bank or take hours to prepare. This is real food for real people.

As someone who works full time, has a toddler and desperately wants to eat dinner with him in the evenings, I feel like this book might be my secret weapon to making it happen. I’m also going to be gifting this to all of my other mom besties. Get your copies on Amazon. More power to the dinner!

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