What To Do With Halloween Candy (Besides Eat It)

If you’re like me, you over bought on candy for those trick or treaters.  I ate some…than I ate some more…..and by now I’m sick of it.  The candy is sitting there in its adorable little fall themed packages taunting me.  It must leave.  What can you do with it?  Read on to find out…

What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

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Freeze It For Baking

If you like to bake, freeze the candy.  You can use it in milkshakes, cookies or even cakes down the road. Fun sized candy is a great way to easily create those small chunks that recipes require.

Make Your Own Trail Mix

Okay this tip still means you’re going to eat the candy.  However, opening up some bags of M&M’s and putting them into container with some nuts, raisons and cereal can make all the difference.  It’s a great way to use candy, enjoy it AND still not have too much in one sitting.

Drink It

Adding a piece of chocolate to your coffee can make it go from a mundane beverage to a delicious treat.  You can also flavor your own vodka with candy!

Gingerbread Houses

If you’re planning on making gingerbread houses this year, use Halloween candy.  This will save you money and let’s face it…most of the candy used for decorating doesn’t even get eaten!

Birthday Parties

While you may want to avoid using Halloween or fall themed candy for this, you can reuse plainly packaged candy for your next birthday party pinata!

Gift It

While your coworkers at the office might chow down on your leftover candy, they probably have bags of their own.  Consider setting up a trade where everyone bring in candy and then goes home with their favorite types.  (Similar to what kids to on Halloween night.)  Senior centers or half-way houses also love candy donations!

Send it To The Troops

There are lots of services out there that allow you to send candy to the troops.  If you know someone personally who is serving overseas, consider sending it to their station.  For more information about getting candy over seas visit Operation Shoebox at https://operationshoebox.com/.


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