Elf Gets Organized-Day 2-Grocery Shopping

Most people need to buy more groceries during the holiday season.  Even if you’re not hosting a meal, you’re probably having guests, kids coming home from college or maybe you’re just baking.  Regardless, you’re going to need more food!

There are lots of sales that go on during the holidays.  They usually even start before Thanksgiving.  Think ahead about what you’re going to need and want to bake, cook and celebrate the holidays and make a list.  While it’s difficult to get it exactly correct and you will need to buy produce and vegetables leading up to the holiday, you can certainly start to stock up early.

Day 2

Shop the sales, visit super stores and warehouse stores.  Save where you can.  Knowing what you need will allow you to not over purchase, but still be able to confidently say that you need an item when you see it on sale.

Items I always check on before I head out for holiday food shopping are; canned vegetables and items like cranberry sauce, stuffing, breadcrumbs, baking goods and spices.  All of these things can be bought WAY in advance of your celebration.

This also frees up time closer to your celebrations so that you can clean, cook and have fun instead of hitting the crowded stores.


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