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The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!  In case you haven’t seen the commercials, heard the music or seen Santa at the mall, I’m here to tell you that the holidays are on their way.  So while some of the holiday errands and chores are obvious (decorate, shop for presents, etc), some of them can fall between the cracks.  It’s these chores that really make the difference between a stress free holiday season and one where you never seem to get ahead.

The Other Meals

Quite often all of the large meals are planned out, prepared in advance, and artfully shopped for.  However, it’s easy to forget about the other meals, like breakfast.  Plan out ALL of the holiday meals, even the ones that aren’t as glamorous.  Stock up on easy to prepare foods that can be grabbed and eaten as people wake up or come and go from festivities.  Some of my favorites items to lay out are; packets of oatmeal, granola bars, sandwiches, and packets of cookies.

The Bathrooms

It’s not a pretty subject, but the holidays, and your guests, can reek havoc on your bathrooms, and plumbing.  Charmin assures that your toilet will not clog when you use it. Pick Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft, both are Roto-Rooter Approved.  I prefer the Ultra Soft and my husband the Ultra Strong.  So I keep both on hand.  And I stock up before the holidays.  I never want to make a guest ask me where the extra toilet paper is!  Charmin toilet paper also lasts longer (up to 4x longer) so you have to buy less.  After all, who needs one more errands during the holidays?

Entertaining the Littles Ones

Yes, the holidays are filled with large meals and lots of gifts.  However, in between the big moments, there are lots of little moments.  In order to maintain the peace, it’s important to prepare.  Have some new toys and games on hand to entertain little ones.  You could plan projects, such as ornament making and purchase supplies ahead of time.  Movies are also a great bet.  Have blankets, hot chocolate and popcorn on hand to make an event of it.

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