Life is Messy Kitchen

Okay so we all know Life is Messy.  Mine is!  I always say that organization isn’t about being perfect and it’s not about not being messy.  It’s about making our habits, stuff and space work for us.  If we embrace what we own and who we are, we can live a better life, with less clutter.  I feel the same about meal planning.  Having amazing meals to eat keep you healthy, happy and can bond a family together in a crazy busy life.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart, you just have to be organized.

Life Is Messy

I love meal planning and I love to eat healthy.  However, sometimes I’ll fall down the rabbit hole and forget to cook, shop or prep something in time for dinner.  Those are the times that I like to have go to meals prepped and ready to go.  I also love finding new amazing foods to make for my family.  I will tell you, innovative AND healthy are two categories that don’t usually go together.  

Mayi Carles has just released a new product….you can buy it in book form or a digital download…it’s called Life is Messy Kitchen.  If you’re familiar with Mayi’s products, you know how awesome this is.  If you’re not familiar, you’re in for a whimsical, useful and fun treat. 


Life is Messy is filled with recipes that taste amazing, are easy to make and are great for your body and mind as well.  The first thing I made from Life is Messy Kitchen was the Detox Tonic.  With cold and flu season here (and some of my family sick!), I really wanted to get out ahead of the germs and do a little internal decluttering.  It’s made with ginger, lemon, honey or agave and hot water.  Super easy to make, tastes amazing and really makes you feel great!

Detox Tonic


So, whether you are struggling to trade busy work for a hammock + fill your tote with fresh flowers from the Farmer’s Market (after trying all the samples) or expand your definition of dinner under a starry sky, Life is Messy Kitchen: A Quirky Guide to Sane + Happy + Clean Eating is an invitation to reset our intention around food with a sense of humor + good appetite + a taste for adventure. Learn more at:



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