5 Ways To Balance Your Life


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Life is tough.  There’s no way around it.  The days are busy and full of obligations and you’ll often find yourself with decisions to make that are less than fun.  I find that a happy, organized, and low-stress life is dependent upon finding balance.  Here are some of the ways I find balance, despite my busy schedule.

5 Ways To Find Balance In Your Life

  1.  Balance BarSchedule everything.  I schedule just about everything I need to accomplish.  This way, I know that it’s possible to fit in everything I hope to tackle during the course of the day.  I find that the “hope and pray” method of getting things done, means that my time gets used up and the items that are important to me go undone.
  2. Make time to be mindful.  It sometimes doesn’t FEEL important to take care of ourselves.  However, when you care for your own mind and body, you’ll have more energy and patience to care for others.  A little time invested in yourself can go a long way.
  3. Eat well.  Eating healthy insures you’ll have the energy to tackle those important tasks in your life. I’m a big fan of Balance Bars because you don’t have to prepare them.  Simply throw one in your bag at the start of the day and treat yourself when hunger strikes.  Each bar is nutritionally balanced, each new bar is 190 calories or less, contains 5-7 grams of protein and 5-6 grams of fiber.
  4. Make it special.  Life is all about routines.  We can often get caught up in trying to accomplish today’s tasks and forget that every day is special.  It’s easy to let the day slip by without stopping to Balance Bar Boxenjoy it.  I challenge you to take just 3-5 minutes to do something out of the ordinary today.  Write an email to a friend, buy yourself a magazine, or take the kids for a walk.  Whatever you chose, make it fun.
  5. Let it go.  If there is something in your life you dread doing or something that just doesn’t serve you anymore, it’s time to make the tough call to let it go.  For example, I was part of a group who write test questions for a long time.  In the beginning, the work was rewarding and helped me grow professionally.  Eventually, the trips required cut into my business and became difficult to make.  I made the tough choice to resign and it served me well.  What can you give up?

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